Anthem has been the diamond in the rough for me, ever since launch.

I just saw the post about EA’s decision this week on whether or not Anthem with get its 2.0, NEXT, Redemption, whatever you want to call it. The top comment is confident that EA is going to kill it. Sadly, I think they’re probably right. The remake of Mass Effect suggests to me that they’re gearing up to release another Mass Effect title soon in the coming years. EA will likely move on to other titles. It’s been what, three years since Anthem has launched? I’m willing to bet they’ll let Anthem die and suffer the brief backlash of the loyal community, but move on soon after.

Which is a shame. And that’s all speculation too. Anthem has been the only game that I’ve kept in my library the longest, next to Titanfall 2, perhaps maybe deleted a time here and there, but always found it’s way back to my downloads.

When I would get tired of Destiny, I would load up Anthem and finish a few missions as my 980 Colossus, looking for a new Legendary to make my javelin even better. I’ve run Tyrant Mine countless times. It’s the only Seasonal Run I learned the puzzles 100% for, just to be the one guy who either only knows it on his fire team, or helps other people do it, so we can always have a higher score. I don’t know, Tyrant Mine felt like an amazing mission. Especially in a Colossus, committing mass insecticide with heavy artillery shells, fire, and explosions.

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When I would get tired of Anthem, I’d play Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2, Destiny again…other games like Diablo 3, Divinity 2, Stellaris, anything to regain interest in a video game again.

But when I got my entertain fulfilled by those games, I’d fall back to Anthem again. When I reached the highest I could in Destiny, I went back to Anthem. When Battlefield felt useless playing because there just is no more progression, I’d go back to Anthem.

It’s a great game, for what it is. It’s the very definition of a beautiful fuck-up. It’s so badly-good, I give BioWare a pass over Bethesda and CD Projekt Red. It’s not that Anthem was a messed up game like Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077. Anthem is like a Demo, you know…like Siphon Filter on PS1 in the early 2000’s as a kid…like wow, this is amazing! Where’s the full game? That was Anthem.

But what also kept me coming back is that hope, that little faith that this game will continue to get the attention it deserves. I was hoping that somewhere, there really was a team out there focused on bringing us some sort of concrete update on Anthem, even if it wasn’t the 2.0 promised. I would have taken another Echoes of Reality/Cataclysm (but better after this long!). Just anything.

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And by having that hope, Anthem never felt like it reached its true cap. You can reach that cap in Destiny every season until the next DLC comes out, and it’s really all the same. I had hoped Anthem could bring something different to the table. And the fact that it was unfinished meant that, the time I put into Anthem wasn’t worthless. If it gets its revamp, my Colossus will be among the top tier when new players are brought to the game. That’s selfishly rare to achieve. I’m a full time working husband and father. Lol.

But if Anthem is killed, there will be no reason to keep Anthem anymore. It’ll sting just as bad as Epic Games killing Paragon; a free MOBA on PS4 that was in development. A very beautiful and well made game with so much potential, like Anthem, that never reached its full potential.


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