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So the fracas around Cyberpunk got me thinking about Anthem and this list. These are just some lessons for Anthem that occurred to me during my play through of Cyberpunk, and they come from a place that’s hopeful for Anthem and the upcoming 2.0. As a gaming experience Anthem remains among the best from a perspective of player control and fun factor and the persistent rediscovery of the title has given it a long tail afterlife that I hope flourishes. Anyhow, I don’t know if devs still read this but I do know that a community around the game does, so at the least this could be a discussion.

1) Refocus the game on the balance of full build suits. It is weird that the grind for full power armor is so hard in Anthem, but I don’t think the game is even designed for full power armor. So the grind is endless but if you get there it’s a lot of OP one shot kills unless you play top GM and then it‘a bullet sponge enemies. But if the game had a well balanced full power armor experience at the highest difficulty, then loot could be distributed in a more open handed way because the challenge begins to lay in the give and take of the various builds any of which could be max level.

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2)Use horde size instead of health in laddering difficulty. Bullet sponge enemies really dissuade playing at top difficulty. GM2 seems to reach a great level of enemy health—what if the difference between it and GM2 were horde size instead of health. More enemies would still push for improved strategies, but especially during open world missions it would let you feel as if you were at least making headway.

3)Open world missions could easily get more variety of the voice described the exact battles in different terms other than clear out or collect. This was a major takeaway from cyberpunk were the missions felt way more varied than they actually were from a gameplay perspective. Narrating an assassination is way more interesting than an infestation.

Anyhow, those are just some thoughts about Anthem—can’t wait to see what 2.0 brings. This game really deserves a second wind with the start of the new console generation and I hope it gets it.


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