I try ask for refund and i get this

8.4. 2021 i try contact support about possible refund and i get this(sorry for my english :

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:41:25 AM: Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Aditi, may I start with your first name please?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:41:41 AM: Hi, iam Ondřej)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:41:56 AM: Hi Ondřej. Nice to meet you. How are you doing?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:42:21 AM: Not good, bcs i download Anthem and i missing Anthem 2.0 patch. What i doing wrong ?)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:43:07 AM: Alright. No worries. I will surely help you with your missing Anthem.)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:43:14 AM: Please provide me your email.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:43:49 AM: *****)

PS: i got anthem, i missing patch 2.0.

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:44:09 AM: My Anthem is version 1.7)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:45:25 AM: Give me patch 2.0 you promised 2 years ago or refund. Your choice)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:47:53 AM: Thank you!)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:48:01 AM: Please allow me a moment!)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:49:22 AM: May I know when you have downloaded your game?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:51:22 AM: few weeks ago)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:52:03 AM: in march you tell us you cancaled anthem 2.0. So, deceptive advertising???)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:53:23 AM: Alright! Please allow me a moment.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:53:49 AM: Np, i have lots of time)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:54:59 AM: As I can see there is no game in your EA Account associated with the email *******.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:56:00 AM: Dont think so. Want screen ?)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:57:59 AM: Could you please provide me your invoice or order number? You can also send the screenshot of your purchase.)

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Aditi (4/8/2021, 4:59:18 AM: Please provide me the order number also.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 4:59:51 AM: 1004494143064)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:00:02 AM: date: 14.1.2019)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:00:03 AM: Thank you!)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:01:44 AM: As I can see you have purchased your game from different EA Account. Could you please try to provide me email of your EA Account from which you made the purchase.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:02:37 AM: ****/*****)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:02:41 AM: no more emails)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:02:47 AM: Alright!)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:03:21 AM: Do you have access to this email ******?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:04:21 AM: yes)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:04:53 AM: Alright!)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:05:11 AM: Could you please provide code which has been sent to your email?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:05:35 AM: 620690)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:05:49 AM: Thank you!)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:06:48 AM: Your game is in the EA Account associated with the email ********. Please try to login to your Origin Account with this email to see the game.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:07:27 AM: Im in)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:07:40 AM: Are you able to see your game now?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:09:00 AM: Ahh, i told you i see game and missing patch 2.0. Still patch 1.7. You promised us conmtent . Where is promised content 2.0 ???)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:12:01 AM: Our game team is one which comes up patch updates in the game and there is no fixed date for that. I have noted your feedback and will share it with our game team so that they can think of next patch updates and might bring it soon in the game.)

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Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:12:41 AM: Aditi, today is not 1.April)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:14:17 AM: EA canceled develope on ANthem 2.0 1 month ago. 2 years ago EA promissed lots of content. We(players) get nothing. So, can we find together solution for this problem ?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:15:31 AM: We payed 60+ euro for great game with great potential.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:15:42 AM: And get garbage)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:17:25 AM: I see that however when our team gives any details of the upcoming patches, the dates shared are the estimated dates and not any promise. Patches take most of the time to think about more than the game as there are many bugs and new content that has to be added.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:17:56 AM: Will be added ? So Anthem 2.0 is not canceled ?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:18:27 AM: Can i get official statement)


Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:18:40 AM: Link or something)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:20:40 AM: It might be added, however as of now there is no official update about it. Keep an eye on our official Twitter handle to get latest updates about our games:)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:21:51 AM: when is it about?when should I call?)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:22:23 AM: I know only about BioWare official Statement)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:24:08 AM: As of now we do not have any Official statements about the 2.0 patch update in Anthem game, you can check our Twitter handle for any patch updates about our game.)

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Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:26:16 AM: Anthem development continue ? (Yes/No). If you answer right i let it go)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:28:38 AM: I would be unable to commit any specific time to get patch update as I do not want to set any false expectation with you as there is no Official updates.)

Ondřej (4/8/2021, 5:29:26 AM: Ok.I give you a year. If nothing changes, we as a community will solve it in court. Thanks for nothing ??? Have a nice morning.)

Aditi (4/8/2021, 5:30:20 AM: Thank you for contacting EA Help. Have a nice day!)

Anthem official not canceled ????


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