I know I'm a little late, but I'm just hopping in to vocalize my support for Anthem. I'm a Legion of Dawn preorder player who participated in both betas and has stuck with the game through thick and thin since its release.

Following the rough launch, I've subsequently had a great time for too many hours to keep track of in this game. It was released during a particularly stressful period of time in my life, and while not a perfect game, it nonetheless provided a relaxing diversion during such difficulties, and as such holds a special place in my heart.

However, even in the time since then, I've had great interactions with the community and lots of fun in the game. Running the Heart of Rage on Grandmaster III for legendaries, pushing for higher scores in the Cataclysm, and kicking back with a beer or two and just enjoying some casual Freeplay are gaming memories that I hold onto pretty dearly. The visuals are beautiful, the mechanics are a blast, everyone has their own unique javelin and playstyle, and there's still nothing quite like blowing through enemies with a high-level squad, that distinct "combo" noise triggering near-constantly as every enemy in the area is destroyed almost the second they spawn in. I still get excited when a legendary drops even though I have hundreds at this point, and even this late into the game I still get new loot that is worth using.

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Anthem has its flaws, and it definitely struggled to initially find its footing. But the reality is that the game we have today is one that I can recommend to my friends without serious caveats or concerns, and its a game I believe is worth investing in and expanding upon. There isn't a game quite like Anthem, and I truly believe that despite all of its bumps along the way and all of its blemishes, there really is something special here. How many games trend again two years after they "die" because of support both inside and outside of their communities? I really hope someone making big decisions recognizes the significance of that.

I believe in Anthem, and I hope that it is given the support it needs to flourish. I know there is a good chance that it realistically won't, but still, it should.


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