My Anthem 2.0 Hopes

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Obviously all of this is my opinion so no need to slaughter me in the comments about much stupid you think I am. I’ve gotten platinum on both Playstation and PC and read all the comics. I think they have a great world to work with and I want to see it succeed. So here are just a few of the hopes I wanted to voice.

  1. If they go the skill tree direction I hope it is locked to the javelin incentivizing purchasing duplicate javelins and leveling each of them up and spec-ing them differently leading to a more thoughtful choice when embarking on missions and more divergence among the play styles of the player base. I also think it should be difficult to acquire new javelins, rather than simply unlocking on the way to 30 and holding triangle to make another build. The games story makes a BIG point about how hard it is to even afford a javelin yet by the end we have a whole arsenal. They could easily let players TRY all 4 before having to decide to buy one just through a story beat or something. And have the others there to be rented at any time but it’s comes out as a kind of deduction from the coin rewards of the contract.

  2. I hope they do everything they can to visualize every upgrade and skill unlock on the javelins. The visual aspect of Anthem is what draws so many of us to it. I hope they learn from Avengers that these ghost changes are frustrating to try to care about. Even if it just means when you change a stat or item it cuts to a shot of some panel on the javelin opening up to reveal parts behind it that are getting switches around. Car games do this with engine parts so that it feels tangible even though in gameplay there is no visual difference.

  3. I hope you can get out of the javelin. My friend made a great point that even just having the option to jet pack around like the outlaws would be such a good experience. Just to traverse the world that way. This would also give them a chance to drive home the idea that it’s dangerous outside the walls without a javelin. Maybe all the guns do basically nothing incentivizing a more survival gameplay experience where you’re just running from everything. Even if they don’t add anything much to do I’d want it. Seems to me a low cost high reward thing from a developer perspective but maybe Im wrong about that. My pie in the sky hope would be to just literally pull the gameplay from ME: Andromeda over at ground combat hah. But my guess is that will never happen unfortunately.

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Of course content is king, if they don’t maintain dropping content to play over the years then none of this will matter. But I think some of what I said offers replay-ability better. Just by making javelins harder to acquire is a big thing. I’d love for them to just steal right from car games imo.


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