New player GM3 storm build questions

So this is no doubt going to sound weird to most of you who have stuck it out with this game from the start and through the announcement about the cancelation of further development but I like the title says I just started playing Anthem 2 weeks ago.

I never picked it up originally because I thought it was a space/robot shooter fantasy and I didn’t realize there was a mage archetype (which is what I always play) class in the Storm. I probably would have been playing all along had I known irrespective of the controversy and terrible player reviews of the game because frankly I find it very enjoyable and unlike anything I’ve ever played before.

I understand the game didn’t start off in the state it is in now but honestly it plays pretty smoothly in its current iteration and while I am sure the lack of any real end game content will wear me down eventually for the moment I am loving it.

Now on to my question. The only part I’ve been struggling with is settling on a GM3 build because all of the guides are outdated, in many cases 2+ years old and no longer relevant. For example there are a lot of guides referencing the Mark of Wrath component whose perk (the lightning explosions on successful combo) did crazy damage but that has since been nerfed into the ground.

The only even remotely relevant build I can find seems to revolve around Binary Star and Steam Vent which (1) I don’t like either skill and (2) I don’t have Steam Vent or any way to reliably get it (until it pops up in the store) since apparently it doesn’t drop in the normal way as with all of the alternative legendary gear.

I would really like to use a lighting build with Ponder Infinity and Stasis Chain but I don’t know if that’s viable since there is no primer for combos although frankly combo damage no longer seems to be what it once was and the Stasis Chain explosion actually does more damage than a combo from what I can tell plus the ability itself hits like a truck though it’s a difficult skill shot.

Survivability as a Storm in GM3 is also a bit of an issue but since I discovered the interaction between the Token of the Vanguard and Softened Blows (both of which I have at lvl 80) it’s been manageable.

Weapon wise I have a perfectly rolled Grave Digger (because it was in the store last week) and a perfectly rolled Elemental Rage which dropped for me a few days ago. I also have a perfectly rolled Jarra’s Wrath but unfortunately it is only level 68 because it was in the store on the same week as I started playing and I could only get to lvl 18 before it went away. It does insane damage although it’s not particularly easy to use on a Storm because of the limited range. Aside from that I have a bunch of other lvl 80 weapons but none seem particularly good.

Would love to hear from veteran Storm players, thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry for the long post! Here’s a 🍪 if you read it all. 😂


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