New to Anthem – Initial thoughts after 3 weeks (Confused about loot…)

Content of the article: "New to Anthem – Initial thoughts after 3 weeks (Confused about loot…)"

Hey all, I've been wanting to play Anthem for a long time but never had a rig capable of handling the graphics. Got a gaming laptop recently and when Anthem went on sale for $10 on the EA store, I snagged it in a heartbeat! I LOVE the concept of the game and the environment is stunning. It took me about a week and a half over the holiday break to hit level 30, and have been running GM3 stuff with matchmaking for the last week and a half. My overall thoughts are below. Those of you who have played the game WAYYYYY more than me, I'd welcome your thoughts/comments if you disagree with my conclusion. If there's stuff in the game I haven't discovered that adds variety, PLEASE tell me =D

(Apologies for the poor formatting, for some reason I can't seem to get the bulleted lists working right…)

PROS – Beautiful game and scenery; well worth the graphics hype – Love the different Javelin classes, I think the team did a great job designing each type for a particular purpose! They all feel unique and suited to a specific playstyle. – Overall feel of the gameplay is really nice and they do a great job filling that 'I wanna be Iron Man' desire! – Speed of progression was great. Being able to hit engame content in under 2 weeks felt really rewarding. I was able to get full Legendary sets (or close to it) for all 4 Javelin Classes + a ton of Masterworked stuff to fill until I get the Legendaries with good inscriptions. – I really like the weekly legendary items for sale! It lets newbies try out some amazing gear early on! And definitely helped make the level grind more fun.

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CONS (Again, please tell me if I'm missing something here and there is actually more engame stuff to do…) – Engame grind seems… incredibly boring and linear. Grind Strongholds or Legendary Contracts/Missions and hope for a Legendary drop? That's not much variety. And all the missions/contracts have a very similar feel. – Loot… I think it's fair to say I'm very underwhelmed by the way the loot system is set up in this game. Farm GM3 activities and hope to get a Legendary. Then the Legendary has to actually be the one you want. On top of that, there's a MASSIVE pool of inscriptions so even if it is the right item, it's probably not going to help your build because the inscriptions can be worthless.

OVERALL CONCLUSION: Really fun game that I wish had more endgame content. For $10, I absolutely got my money's worth just in the last few weeks, but this game could be SO MUCH BETTER with an overhaul, especially related to the loot system and builds. So here's another Freelancer hoping the Anthem Next/2.0/Overhaul thingy happens!

I'd love to see a few things added to the game: – More content… the standard gripe of every play who has played any game, lol. But seriously, there's not a lot of variety here. I like the strongholds, please add more! And give us the ability to swap modifiers and stuff to mix things up =D GM3 + modifiers to make it even harder with better rewards would be great! – A way to target grind particular Legendary Gear (Similar to the Tomb Legendary crafting but in a mission form so it's a bit more repeatable; those tomb Legendaries are pretty expensive for my tiny 3 week bank… Maybe just a personal problem though.) – More consistent loot drops: I think the GM3 final boss in a Stronghold should guarantee a Legendary drop when defeated. It sucks to spend 20 minutes on a Stronghold and end up with just a couple Masterworked items. At this point, Masterworked stuff is basically useless because the inscriptions are so limited. – For Legendaries… reduce the inscription pool to only good inscriptions… Maybe I'm wrong, but is ANYONE looking for a Legendary Component with an inscription giving you 10% Ammo?? The excitement of getting a Legendary quickly evaporates when you realize the inscriptions are trash and your Masterworked version is better because it at least has semi-decent inscription on it.

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