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80 hours in (not finished still), lets talk about some pros and cons

Content of the article: "80 hours in (not finished still), lets talk about some pros and cons"

I'm pretty far along in the game, 80 hours in power 290~ and being this far along theres some things I love and things I am disappointed by with this game. I wanted to bring my thoughts to the table and get a reading of what everyone else thinks on the matters. I haven't completely finished the game mind you, so I won't be complaining about the ending or whatever, because I can't have an opinion of what I haven't played, but I want to get these thoughts out while they're still fresh in my head.

I'll try to break it all down into a +/- with bold titled sections to break points apart, and not all of them are gonna be huge overarching points.

+ The games "Breathtaking"

In the wise words of that guy from Cyberpunk, it's breathtaking. The world Ubisoft has built while at times a bit poorly thought out in terms of level design clarity, is beautiful.

+ Gear actually visually improves

I liked it in Orgins, and think the expansion of that system from there to here is welcome one, but that said lets talk about the other side.

– Limited Gear

Odyssey took a step forward from origins, enhancing the gear to include armor and not just weapons and outfits like its predecessor. However Valhalla takes a step back, toning it down to incredibly limited predetermined loot. While the runes add some vareity, the lack of loot makes it at times feel like a slog to get "Broken Bow" instead of a basic bow or basic armor. I'd agree that Odyssey may have overdone it a bit but Valhalla kinda steps off here which for an RPG feels really bad in my opinion. A sort function in the inventory menu may help a bit and actual in world loot sets would be an amazing improvement.

+ Eivor is a character not play dough

Love it or hate it Eivor is a viking that doesn't understand Christianity, cares for their people and largely feels much more consistent (to me, you can disagree and explain below) than Kassandra or Alexios. While I do absolutely hate the killing civilians results in desynch (mostly because they have no sense of self preservation), the fact that Eivor feels significantly much more consistent is a big plus to me.

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– The skill trees false depth and 'smartness'

I had been told in a youtube comment section that I was wrong about my criticism of the skill tree and it was in fact smart, and I welcome anyone to weigh in here, but I don't think it is. If it were smart it wouldn't hide the skills, it wouldn't offer you completely unrelated skills in a section they shouldn't be, and it wouldn't allow you to reset for free. You also wouldn't be able to have nearly all the perks by around the point I am.

I think a big problem is overlap, and personally I hope they go back in and rework the tree to be more focused before they release any major DLC. Perhaps even breaking it down into 3 focused groups for each overarching category, Red could have heavy weapons, one handed and shield and ability alteration and adrenaline gain. Yellow could have Poison proficiency, Fire proficiency, and Assassination skills (double assassination, chain assassination the works.). Blue could have 1 branch for each bow type (and perhaps bring in crossbows one day who knows). But from there they could further expand with their dlc's adding extentsions that would require you have all perks in its branch before giving you an exclusive choice between 1 of 2 styles lets say, that unlocks certain perks while locking you out of others, forcing you to make actual choices.

I'm just spitballing here, but I think the skill tree was a bit disappointing to me personally and would love to hear others thoughts on the matter.

+/- Customization

I have mixed feelings with customization, mostly because I prefer female Eivor, and in doing so back and front tattoos are covered up. Honestly in my opinion weird choice to enable a nudity toggle and have bosses with their chests out but not even allow the player to see the full tattoo in the tattoo menu at least.

Gripes aside I think this gives them some room to work going forward and hope that with the celtic DLC we'll see tattoos gain some perks on them that give you some reason to hunt for them outside of simply looking better maybe.

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I do think adding a hair color filter in the menu would be a nice change as well as more hair options, but I like customization so heres hoping.

– Jomsviking Customization

A randomize appearance button as the only way to modify the characters appearance? Weak sauce. I also don't know if gear actually makes the thing better and its not really explained as far as I can see.


The fact that the minute you gain any clues lets you see a slightly darkened portrait of the order menu kills the whole secret esepcially the story related targets. If the intent was to give it away, then the fact that you can't just outright kill the target instead of being forced through another side story is equally frustrating.

+ The settlement and crew

While I would've preferred more to it, the fact that you get to build and customize a central base and get to know some of its characters is pretty nice and an improvement over the crew system of Odyssey especially with unique crew members being able to tell unique stories on the ship.

-Let me guess, we need to raise a Fyrd AGAIN

I get it, the whole concept is to assault fortress and take out target, but the 7th time it starts to lose its luster, especially since you can literally go in, kill everyone there beforehand, walk out start the assault and…. whats this? They're back already?

Honestly hope future dlcs dial down the amount of assaults.

-Tungsten is a limited resource

This sucks, plain and simple. I want to be able to upgrade whatever gear I come across so having tungsten be so hard to come by is pretty aggravating.


Man going to Vinland was cool and unexpected, hence the spoiler warning, but man I can't keep the gear I got in vinland? I gave the apple away? What was the point????? Why am I here?!

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Some hopes going forward

Now those are the main things that I've thought of, feel free to give your opinion below, but before you go let me talk about some things I hope for in the DLCs or in updates going forward.

Dyes and perhaps a Dye shop, where you can dye fully upgraded armor sets, to add more customization options.

Cu Chulainn, I hope when we on this celtic adventure Cu can become a crew member.

Tattoo perks, as I said before I think tattoos could really add an extra layer of depths that the armors sets are kinda missing.

These are just some thoughts and if you have any feel free to share and discuss. To be clear I don't dislike this game, I enjoy the whole Viking thing, but I wanted to discuss some thoughts on it as a whole and get a discussion going.


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