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A Assassin’s Creed Located in the Yucatan during Spanish Conquests of the maya would be cool.

I think a great location for the next Assassin's Creed game would be the Yucatan Peninsula during the mid 1500's. During this time, the Spanish were in a brutal and tough conquest of the North Yucatan States, which they struggled. The Spanish even failed in their first 2 attempts, before finally securing the northern yucatan after crucial maya alliances and defeating the Maya Eastern Alliance.

The Maya northern cities were pretty large, with great cities such as Coba, Campeche, Uxmal, and Grand Cairo. However, they are depopulated from disease and the League of Mayapan collapse. Cities such as Mayapan and Chichen Itza are virtually abandoned at this period. The Maya cities are had many palaces and temples, such as Campeche. Campeche had around a dozen different massive temples and palaces according to Spanish sources, as well as a dense urban area of over 5,000 buildings and a wall.

We already know there were Mayan Assassins. In Black Flag, the brotherhood in the Indies seems to be nearly entirely composed of Mayans. Their headquarters is even the Maya ruins of Tulum. So, I think a scenario where Spain, whom has strong templar influences in it as seen in Black Flag, is conquering the North Yucatan. The Templars have shifted Spain's goals to finding as many First Civilization artifacts as possible. We already know the Maya possessed First Civilization artifacts as seen in Black Flag with the Mayan Armor, so the Assassin's around this period could have shown up to help defend these First Artifact.

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So who would be the Assassin who starts the West Indies brotherhood? I think this would go to Gonzalo Guerrero, a shipwrecked Spaniard. He was stranded in the Yucatan around 1511 and taken as a slave. However, he eventually became a trusted advisor of a Maya King and became a general for him. He then gave birth to two children, the first Mestizo children of the Yucatan. When Hernan Cortez conquered Mexico and reached out to him, he declined. Gonzalo then went on to help the Maya as a key part in Maya resistance against the Spanish, and was eventually found dead in the 1530s after the Spanish killed him in a skirmish.

You would play as one of his children in this game, who carried on Gonzalo Guerrero's ideas and eventually founded the Assassin hideout in Tulum. The game would be based in the Ekab Kuchkabal in the northern Yucatan during the short lived Maya Eastern Alliance.

Maya North Yucatan Map, c. !500 AD

The game would have some mechanics taken from AC Brotherhood, where you recruit Maya Assassins and go tomb raiding Maya Temples and abandoned cities, such as Chichen Itza and Mayapan, for First Civilization artifacts. Late game, your character eventually creates the Mayan Armor from Black Flag, where when the Eastern Alliance is defeated by the Spanish and the Templars, he hides the armor so the Templars can't claim it.

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Anyhow, just a little thing I thought of. Shared here to see what you guys think 🙂


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