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A Brief List of Tips

Content of the article: "A Brief List of Tips"

I’ve seen some discussion about various gameplay mechanics/annoyances that I have either figured a workaround for, or naturally stumbled into.

Combat (Berserker difficulty)

  1. Use lock-on instead of Odinsight to spot enemies mid-combat. While Odinsight highlights all enemies within a given distance, it takes time and is a bit unfun to spam when you should be slaughtering.

  2. Lock-on only does 2 things. It focuses the camera on the locked enemy, and adjusts your movement to be relative to that enemy. You can still use left stick to strike in any direction, and at any other enemy.

  3. Don’t always dodge/parry early. Some enemy attacks take a moment to load up.

  4. When you dodge, only dodge-roll when necessary, and try to dodge toward and past the enemy. This will leave you in a better position for counter attack.

  5. Single weapon/no shield, gives you access to the hidden blade mid-combat. Hold the block button to introduce steel to brain.

Stealth (Master Difficulty)

I have seen a lot of discussion on reddit about how stealth is broken, useless, instant aggro, etc.

I use stealth extensively even for the beginning of most raids, simply because I find it enjoyable.

  1. When the detection sound goes off, it does not necessarily mean the enemies have turned aggressive. It just means they have noticed you. Keep your hood up, walk away from them slowly, and don’t climb/crouch until you’re out of line-of-sight.

  2. Distrust zones have much more leniency than restricted zones, treat them accordingly.

  3. If you are noticed, keep the fight contained and dispatch the enemy ASAP. They are unlikely to alert the whole encampment unless you let the fight spill into multiple areas.

  4. The Raven has been nerfed big time. But it’s now the only way to find hidden access to enemy camps (outside of natural exploration). Pop that bird in the air and glance around the edges of the camp to seek out hidden entrances.

That’s all for now. What tips do you all have?


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