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A few irritations to get off my chest

Been playing Valhalla for a while now. I've generally been enjoying it but I am a little irritated by a few things.

Firstly I just wanna say I really enjoy the combat. It's fast and fluid and feels powerful. Some of the skills are fun as hell, like redirecting projectiles back at enemies.

Where I start to have a problem is with the melee abilities. The one where you charge and tackle the enemy to the ground seems to miss way more often than it lands. Most of the others seem like they don't do enough damage. For the most part I just don't like using them. They break the flow of combat more than they help.

Then there's the parkour. OMFG is it janky AF. The last time I played an AC title with such broken, half-baked parkour was probably AC2. Actually AC2 had better.

I can't believe how bad the pathing is in this game when you're climbing up a building or jumping from one ledge to another. I'll be scaling a vertical surface and Eivor will just stop dead or suddenly juke to the side for no reason. Or while running over open ground and getting hung up on a tree and for some reason Eivor just sort of sticks to it instead of moving around it. People complain about Odyssey but the movement in that game was so fluid and smooth compared to this mess. Trying to climb into a house through one of those little triangle windows and watching helplessly as Eivor hops around too high then left then right before finally landing in the right spot to go inside is like having an itch right in the middle of your back where you can't reach.

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I could go on about the climbing but nobody has that much time.

Why the hell can't I fight from horseback? I can deliver a half-assed kick and that's it. Seriously. WTF.

And lastly for now, I am sick to death of the obtuse just for obtuseness' sake puzzle solving to access every stinking chest in the game. I can't even walk into a house without finding a key somewhere across town, climbing a nearby tree to shoot a lock, and moving a bookcase around after smashing the pots that were blocking it just to get a small chest with some iron scraps. It's exhausting.

It all gets compounded when there's a Ubisoft server error that prevents my game from saving for 2 hours and I have to redo everything. This has happened to me at least twice in the last 2 weeks.

End of rant.

TLDR: I really like like this game but it needs some polish. For some reason it really feels like they took a few steps backwards on this one.


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