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A harsh and sad truth about the Modern Day storyline that many of it’s fans don’t seem to get. ( Not a hate or rant post )

Content of the article: "A harsh and sad truth about the Modern Day storyline that many of it’s fans don’t seem to get. ( Not a hate or rant post )"

Despite what the title says, this isn't a post bashing, ranting or criticizing the MD storyline of AC. On the very contrary, i love the MD storyline with all my heart, it's what got me into playing and loving this franchise, since the beginning, and i often catch myself rushing through the past story just to see what happens next on the present. I loved the Desmond arc, got really invested in all the comics and novels about it and despite not being as good as Desmond's, i also really enjoyed the mysterious protagonists and Layla's arc as well, and i'm very hyped for the conclusion of her story in Valhalla and where the story goes next.

So, all that said, what is this sad and harsh truth i'm talking about? I may get downvoted a lot for this, but the truth is that the majority of active AC players simply don't like or don't care about the MD storyline, and it's not because " Layla's story is bad ". Even back in Desmond times, around Brotherhood to AC 3, i remeber countless comments of people saying things like " get rid of this Desmond douchebag, it only breaks the ryhtm of the story " or " Ubisoft should just drop this modern bullshit and make AC an historical action game ". The same thing can apply to the drastic change in gameplay style after Syndicate, and although it's a different discussion, the reason is the same, we're just heavily outnumbered.

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Sure, here on this sub, all fans reunited, most of us enjoy it and love it, but even here, it's not rare to find comments or entire posts of people saying that Ubisoft should either reboot or drop the MD stories entirely. There's a reason the MD portions got so thin after AC 3, and why it went full " cutscene only " mode in Unity and Syndicate.

Take also the Juno story arc. I particulary wanted it to remain in the games, we all wanted to, even Darby Mcdevitt himself already said he wanted to as well. But it wasn't lack of ideas or care, as some say, that made Ubisoft move it to a comic series, it was just " the majority of players don't like or care about this stuff, so we're moving it and finishing it in a different media, for those who like and care about it ". A bad decision? Perhaps, but also a perfectly understandable one.

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Honestly, imo, i say we're lucky we even got an MD protagonist after Unity and Syndicate made it cutscenes only ( which i really didn't like, despite liking the stories ). I'm not defending Ubisoft on some of the routes they took for Layla's story, for example, but to all fans, before saying that they don't care anymore about the MD storyline, remeber that unfortunately, you and me are in the vast minority portion of players who actually like and care about it. A sad and harsh truth for MD fans, but a truth, regardless.


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