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A rant about AC Unity. Some good some bad

Unity is my favorite game but I hate the fact…

…that they hide 50% of lore and character development outside the game. Only reading through the wiki, did I learn that the Helix Initiate you play as has a name, a whole entire plot and personality (goes through the bleeding effect just like Desmond) and the fact that Arno wrote a couple missives to his dead father about events in the game, like his childhood with DeLa Serre and Elise, his time in the bastille, and his thoughts on his allegiance to the Assasins and their place in the world.

To me, unity is a game that lives and breathes. The crowd events of protecting civilians or tackling thieves always made me feel like there was something going on only I could stop. I ignored this game when it came out as I saw it too deviating from what I loved about the series after just putting down AC3 and Black Flag, so I never saw the slew of bugs it had. Between the beautiful medieval architecture of half timber houses to the decadent interiors of the Palaces, this game is breathtaking in either of the four most common weather patterns—Dusk/Dawn, Afternoon, Evening and Rainy—even if they are limited in variety. The stealth And combat are nice as you all know by now, I just feel that the story and Arno were some of the most profound things we got in a AC game. One thing I loved about AC3 is the targets you Assasins ye aren’t puppet masters that are evil. They are simply men and women who have been manipulated to play a role in something grander than them. Look at killing Johnson in AC3 and killing Lefeniere in Unity. You went there believing them to be a rightful target for culling…only your intelligence was bad. Johnson was trying to buy the land off the locals to keep them out of harms way even if it was taking their ancestral land. The crown was going to come knocking eventually. Killing lefeniere was a ploy. You were fed clues that made sense to your investigation and the Templars knew you’d act on it—my point being is the war gets gray in the Colonial Brotherhood and it gets greyer in unity. Arnie whole closing speech is essence of that…I’m just upset they kept so much of the lore off net, forcing people to believe the game is much shallower than it is.

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