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A Vocal Minority Influences the Assassin’s Creed “Hardcore” Fanbase

I think it is unfair that many "die-hard" fans claim that the modern day plot is the main draw of OG fans of the series. From my perspective, since the inclusion of the Isu as a central plot has only further alienated me from the series and I have played these games religiously since it started. I cringe when I see groups like the "Four Pillars" taking their loud opinions and taking ownership of the AC brand. I think most people of the series were not happy with the story of Odyssey but Valhalla is no better in my opinion. Darby and his team wrote some great stuff, but what is the theme of the game? What does it add to the overall series? What is the arc of Eivor? Eivor starts as a viking looking for personal glory and literally ends the game in the same place. Origins is easily the best of the three most recent games (IMO) and AC hasn't had a GREAT entry since Black Flag. Unity, Syndicate, Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla have all split the fandom in a number of ways.

Everything since Unity has spent too much time using the historical setting as an almost fictional setting with the period simply as a marketing ploy and used the "modern day" to demystify the one cool SciFi elements they had left. I am sorry, "Ones Who Came Before" is way more badass than "Isu"

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In short, the series doesn't need to necessarily go back to prior game systems but re-capture the main themes of the series. Freedom and choice vs. subjugation and tyranny.

How the hell did they use Athenian Golden Age in such a lackluster way? Viking Age England is just clearly used for marketing purposes, it matches zero themes of the series as it was originally created (hence the lack of real Assassins vs. Templar story).

To add: You know Ubisoft reads the forums and shit because they sold the public a game simply by recycling a shit load of 3 year old tech simply by adding a popular setting, and fan favorite writer, director, and composer names. The game is closer to Rogue than it is to Brotherhood or Black Flag.


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