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AC – Fan Concept Art set during the Fall of the Aztecs I am working on.

Art Gallery:

Fan Concept Art for game set during the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire

Premise: The story would be centered around Quauhtli (Key-WAT-ly), an Aztec Eagle Warrior who joins the brotherhood, and Giovanni Borgia who plays the role of mentor/partner. Of course part of this time period has already been covered in the story: Project Legacy, but this version would show the event's from the Aztec perspective. The game would have Quauhtli traverse the city of Tenochtitlan and part of the surrounding wilderness and come into conflict with both Moctezuma II's forces under the Order of Ancient's Influence, and Hernan Cortes under Templar influence. The game would end almost the same way it did in Giovanni's Chapter of Project Legacy (with the Crystal Skull artifact in his possession) but with slight tweaks to the canon here and there, including a boss fight with Cortes during the Night of Sorrows, and other events like Moctezuma's assassination (at the hands of Quauhtli).

The reason for the Order of the Ancients’ existence after Aelfred the Great’s reformation is because of the Aztec's isolation from most of the world. So the conflict would be a clash of ideologies of the traditional Order of the Ancients Aztec cult against the Greater Templar Order (conquistadors) ultimately resulting in the Templars triumphing and conquering the area. The Aztecs have a hold of the Crystal Skull and Cortes controls the (Faith Prong of the Trident of Eden) Dagger of Eden both of which would be major artifacts of interest.

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Quauhtli’s story is that of a man raised into clan a of Eagle Warriors working as spies for the Aztec Empire protecting its people, fighting in war and protecting Pochteca (merchant spies). However the clan ultimately fell out with the Aztec Emperor as the Order of the Ancient Cult grew in power and was hunted down and eliminated. Quauhtli is one of the last of his kind. He lives mostly outside Tenochtitlan. This is how he meets up with Giovanni and learns of the greater, and more organized Assassin’s Order. Giovanni becomes a mentor to Quauhtli, teaching him the ways of the larger Brotherhood, leading Quauhtli to found his own Mesoamerican Brotherhood (Maybe a branch that evolves into Ah Tabai’s Mayan/West Indies Order?). Giovanni is easy-going charismatic and quick-thinking, while Quauhtli is stoic and rational. Giovanni Borgia’s story is mostly unchanged from the Project Legacy chapter with him looking for the Skull, but smaller details are slightly changed to include Quauhtli.

Other major characters include Tlapalizquixochtzin, the power-hungry Queen Consort of Moctezuma, who is the leader of the OotA (think of Lady Macbeth). Moctezuma II, himself, is an indecisive, superstitious and ultimately spineless king being puppet-ed by his wife and the other members of the Order of Ancients. Cortes is a ruthless and confident commander in contrast to Moctezuma, who not only desires to conquer the region using the powers of his dagger, but also to retrieve the Crystal Skull from the Aztecs.

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The Night of Sorrows would be the ultimate climax of the game’s story, with Quauhtli trying to navigate the chaos trying to take out Cortes but ultimately failing. Giovanni himself slips away quietly to kill the Aztec priest and take the crystal skull. This puts Quauhtli and Giovanni in conflict with each other resulting in a split between the two and they go their separate ways. Quauhtli assassinates Moctezuma as well as continues his hunt for the last of the Order of Ancients (figures like Queen Tlapalizquixochtzin and the last aztec emperor Cuauhtémoc), and becoming a Mentor to his newfound brotherhood, while Giovanni leaves with the Crystal Skull and ultimately omitting Quauhtli from his Journal Entries.

I've got more concept art in the works so I will update the imgur gallery periodically.


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