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AC origins is the single best AC I have played and I won’t apologise for it, it deserves to be said

Content of the article: "AC origins is the single best AC I have played and I won’t apologise for it, it deserves to be said"

First off I’m not gonna debate this, youse can have your opinions and I’ll respect it but to me they’re wrong, especially if you say odyssey is better

I have finished the hidden ones dlc again and it was brilliant as expected, short but thrilling, I hate that it kept giving us nods to a bayek sequel in Rome that never happened but ahh well

Bayek is the greatest Character I’ve played as in AC, just beating ezio, controversial true but idc. Amunet, especially in the hidden ones is also great, no where near bayek but still great, she was strong and stoic like bayek but her character seemed even more devoted to the creed than bayek which lends credence to why she was remembered.

Yes the third act was rushed I can’t deny it, but I still really really liked that act, I loved Cesar in it and the bond of him and bayek before he betrays bayek and aha, which causes the formation of the hidden ones. And I loved the mission we killed him in, it was a proper AC type of mission

The memory corridors and mocapped scenes are the greatest in any AC, Valhalla would’ve beat this if it had more grand corridors and more mocapped (I mean a lot more)

And yes there should have been more hidden ones content in the base game, I made a post about this and will put in comments, but without it the hidden ones dlc was still incredible and the best AC dlc released, because it complimented and added a lot to the lore instead of sidestepping it or outright breaking it (looking at you odyssey)

The combat was the best in any AC game aside from maybe 3 although 3 was very easy but was very creative, origins was difficult, weighty and impactful but didn’t feel clunky or too heavy or too light or too damage spongey like odyssey (it still had it to a much lesser extent aside from those huge guys)

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Parkour was simple very much so but still fun to do in cities, it flows the best out of the 3 new games however Valhalla’s cities had better level design for parkour

There was sadly no Social stealth (again in that post I’ll link I mentioned it) and it’s not like they didn’t try to add it in however it didn’t work and had to cut it, it is a huge shame but if something doesn’t work in a game at all and you have a time constraint you have to cut it, it’s a fact of the industry. However the games stealth is good as it is, the game provides a challenge whilst not being too tough or too easy, yes the hidden blade doesn’t kill everyone in one hit and that is stupid, no excuses, however for most enemies I found it no problem if I kept somewhat up to date with the upgrades, the larger enemies and higher levelled enemies didn’t go down, they made this 10x worse in odyssey and fixed it thank god in Valhalla.

Origins and Valhalla are the most immersive AC games I have played and I’ve played them all, and have been a huge HUGE fan since 2007, there is something special in those two games but especially origins. Just walking around in the cities or riding on your (badly animated) horse. In my third or fourth play through I only wore bayeks original and hidden ones outfit and put hood up or down when I felt like it (again valhalla does the hood up/down feature better but to be fair it was the first game to add the option aside from syndicate so it was a first attempt and at least it stays up all the Time unlike Valhalla) the level of detail in the game was astounding too (not compared to rdr2 but no game has that yet) especially for 2017.

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and yes I’m biased and yes I do love Ubisoft because a lot (not all) of their games are great and are the reason I want to go into the games industry and being in education for it has been amazing so far.

Finally this game and Valhalla are Assassins creed games and odyssey shouldn’t have been (due to modern day it can’t be a spin off but it should have been initially) and anyone who says otherwise is wrong, it’s not even an opinion, saying origins and Valhalla aren’t assassins creeds is a statement, so you are wrong and you’re not getting a debate out of me on this either

Have a good day guys


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