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AC: Revelations made me shed tears

Sorry, I took longer to post this one. I also wanted to review AC: Embers so the last paragraph will be a mini-review of that

Goddamn, this was game was fucking incredible. Specifically the ending. I said good things about Brotherhood but I'm gonna be honest I wasn't being truthful when I said that story was god-tier because this shit is fucking god-tier. The ending of this game is perfection it concluded both Altair and Ezio's storylines beautifully.

The gameplay was pretty much similar to the past two games but my only complaint was that mediocre tower defense shit like why it wasn't even that great. The hookblade was an interesting gimmick and fun to use but ultimately just a gimmick. I also didn't like the Eagle Vision as much this time I didn't like how it zoomed in I preferred how it was originally. FUCK the full sync still I genuinely cannot believe this shit is still in the series and I hate that it's sticking around till Origins. Also, this was my first game to not 100% because in one where you're supposed to kill people on the parachute in the penultimate mission I was so close to finishing and then I fucking died on a checkpoint so when I tried to attempt to kill 20 people I didn't have enough time cuz the mission fucking ended before I could kill them all and once the final mission began I couldn't back and I couldn't be bothered to do it again cuz I just wanna get started with 3. I also loved the inclusion of Master Assassin missions it actually felt like the Assassins I recruited were actual characters although the missions themselves were fairly simple. The killing animations that Ezio did were also fucking brutal and I really liked them but a bit too much on the slow mo.

The music was incredible Jesper Kyd and Lorne Balfe were fantastic and I was saddened to know Jesper Kyd no longer worked on the series until Valhalla (so far away dammit) but I heard Lorne Balfe works on AC 3 and if his work on this good is as good as that game I'm very excited. I also love the fact you practically never hear Ezio's Family in the game (Well somebody said you could hear it in one part but I don't remember or I just never realized) because Ezio has moved on he is no longer an Auditore and driven with revenge he is a full-on Assassin and is much wiser now.

Now to the part I wanted to talk most about; the story of the game. I thought the main plot with Ezio looking for the keys was fine and the parts with Prince Ahmet were interesting and I enjoyed them I actually thought he was a better villain/Templar than Rodrigo Borgia ngl mainly because he reminded me of AC 1 villains. I thought Ezio's romance with Sofia was fine but I feel like it wasn't fully developed compared to his other relationships in the series like Cristina or Caterina but it was fine nonetheless also damn man I didn't expect Yusuf to die he was the best bro since his brother from AC 2 and I was really sad when he died. But honestly, the best part of the story for me was Altair's sections. The parts with Al Mualim were really good but where he shined best were when Maria died, when he said goodbye to his son, and especially when he shoots Abbas that fucking memory was so good when he had his final conversation with Abbas was fucking beautiful it touched me to my core. The ending however was incredible that last section with Ezio and Altair was so good I started to shed a tear. The sections with Desmond and Clay were also pretty damn good he went through so much shit I feel bad for Clay the power point world building parts with Desmond were a bit strange tho. But back to the ending I thought the part where Jupiter was explaining the Precursor end of the world was chilling also the music in that scene was fantastic but goddamn that ending got me so hyped up for 3.

Mini review on Embers nowNot gonna talk about animation quality just wanted to talk about the story I thought this was fairly depressing to watch seeing old Ezio and getting dragged back into the Assassin shit. I also thought Shao Jun was a pretty interesting character and it kinda sucks she got a side scroller game instead of a full on open world game like the rest but eh I'm still gonna be excited to play it once I get to it in release date order. The ending left me a bit confused with that guy at the end but when Ezio died I shed even more tears but yeah this movie was pretty depressing and that final speech was perfect.

I genuinely can't wait for 3. Desmond's story is pushing me forward honestly now that both Altair and Ezio are gone but I'm still really hopeful.


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