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Ac Syndicate – I Retextured Ezio outfit to look like something in a Victorian period

Content of the article: "Ac Syndicate – I Retextured Ezio outfit to look like something in a Victorian period"

I tried my best to re-texture ezio outfit to fit the setting

edit – 1/9/2021

This is for everyone asking for the texture of Victorian Ezio outfit for “AC Syndicate”.

This is at your own risk as all mods are – Good luck modding

Requirements :

  1. Textures –
  2. Resorep (i downloaded mine here –
  3. Ac Syndicate.
  4. Java JRE 8 Update 192 –

How to use resorep:

This mod needs RESOREP similar to basically all AC texture replacement mods.

1.Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable from Download Visual C++ 2.Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center.

3.Download and install Windows x64 version of Java Runtime Environment from Java SE 4.Runtime Environment 8 – Downloads.

5.Download Resorep v1.7.0.

6.Extract the .zip file and launch resorep.jar.

7.Make sure that your Windows user has write rights for game folder.

8.Click the "+" button in the "Applications to hook" section.

9.Choose the game executable. Not the game launcher but game itself.

10. Change "Load modded textures from" path if you wish.

11.Close the resorep.jar application.

12.Find and download modded textures.

13.Unpack and copy modded textures into folder specified by "Load modded textures from" path.

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14.Launch the game and play.

Still having difficulties?

Try this video:

Its resorep for Batman Arkham but it works the same way for AC Games

-lastly if you are able to make any improvements to my re texture mod please share as i would likely wanna try using them as well

also i just incase the AC logo i used on the sash. i got that from here : –


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