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Ac Valhalla is just a worse odyssey in every single aspect and on every level.

Story telling is way way way worse, removing meaningful diolague choices was a massive mistake, removing the Witcher 3 quality side quests was a mistake, the ship gameplay is a joke on comparison, the exploration is dwarfed by odyssey, there's less variety, its way more buggy, the combat is objectively less engaging and far far far more mindless and less challenging with less varitey, the writing is way worse, map is smaller ANDDDD less dense in every way.

There is nothing measurable about valhalla that's better. Nothing. The steath is objectively worse as well. Just having social stealth that you never ever ever use, and hoods, does not make a good ac game or good stealth.

Odyssey had the best stealth in the entire franchise hands down. You actually WANTED to use it. It wasn't forced in forced stealth sections with instant game overs, it doesn't just look cool, there's actual depth. If you get seen, not everyone in the area jusr immediately knows where you are for one. There are entire builds you can create for stealth, gear set ups for stealth, the combat is actually challenging so you often have to or you're going to have a bad time with multiple bosses. Making it far more of a sandbox with a million different ways and combinations to do, was the right call.

And the diolague choices that are in valhalla, other than like a handful throughout the entire game, don't matter at all. Not even an illusion of them mattering. Doesn't even act out each option convincingly like in odyssey, evoir shows no emotion.

The team behind odyssey and immortals, are just clearly clearly better devs. There's nothing about valhalla that's better.

But oooo a hidden blade that doesn't change literally anything or make the game better in any way, and more cloaks and social stealth and a darker but more dull tone and suddenly it's a better ac game to people? And to those who say the combat is better, that's laughable to me. It's an rpg with HORRENDOUS rpg mechanics. That skill tree is pathetically bad to the point that I can't even believe they shipped the game with a meaningless skill tree like that and levelong up 200 freaking times.

The gear system is also just flat out worse. It's more tedious to get gear, not having it drop from enemies making looting feel boring and pointless and makes hinting down high level enemies meaningless. And the stat systems are horrible as well and took any meaningful choice out of gear. All the depth stripped out and dumbed down.

You also had a much much much better order of the ancients in odyssey with an amazing hit list tied to involved and wonderfully written quests, and clues to find, and blah blah blah. Each one is a little crime drama, investigations and all. It's dumbed down considerably in valhalla.

Valhalla is just a SEVERLY cut back and dumbed down odyssey on every level. But I guess being "more like the old games", which it isn't other than minor cosmetic differences and a couple old mechanics that don't hold up, makes it better. Lol. Ooookay.


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