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AC Valhalla theory: the nine isu cultures UPDATED.

Follow up from previous post about the possibility of several Precursor nations.

Long story short, the First Civ was not a singular culture. The fact that Eivor equated the Capitoline Triad as jotnar means that there are at least nine Isu ethnicities spread around the globe, each matching a world of the norse cosmology.

These worlds are

  1. Alfheim – land of the light elves
  2. Asgard – land of the aesir
  3. Vanaheim – land of the vanir
  4. Jotunheim – land of the giants
  5. Midgard – land of the humans
  6. Muspelheim – land of the primordial heat
  7. Niflheim – land of the primordial cold
  8. Svartalfheim – land of the dark elves / dwarves
  9. Helheim – land of the damned

I´m so humbled that u/Darby_McDevitt, Narrative Director of AC Valhalla kindly responded, stating that these realms would be larger geographical zones. I proposed the smoldering realm of Muspelheim to be in Egypt, to which I got a nod that it actually was in northern Africa.

Today I remembered that we got a map of all Pieces of Eden scattered around the world, the original reason why Desmond was abducted. This map was revisited in Origins, activated in the Siwa Vault.

But we got that map in AC2, as the codex pages. Altair spent years gazing at the Apple (the same one who contained the map) and wrote this codex. If we look closer, we can see eight Assassin insignias on this map. I´d have assumed ten years ago they maked Assassins sanctuaries. Or, thinking in-universe, Hidden Ones Bureaus. But some insignias are in the middle of the ocean… And none to be seen in Rome, Alexandria, Brittania or France, where we know there was Hidden Ones activity during Altair´s life in the middle ages. And in this very same game we were introduced to six Assassins forefathers (the ones in the Auditore Villa Sanctuary). Darius from Persia, Itani from Babylon, Amunet from Egypt, Leonius from Rome, Wei Yu from China and Qulan Gal from Mongolia. And of all these we only did get one insignia in Mongolia (or in the middle of the asian continent). We did however get one insignia on North America and one in Scandinavia. Like, where the Grand Temple and the Ygdrassil Vault are.

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So I say these insignias mark eight of the nine main Precursor sites, each a former capital of their nations. We know Asgard was in Scandinavia, Jotunheim was on North America, and Muspelheim was in (northern) Africa.

We got left Eastern Island (near Ecuador, in South America), the southern Pacific, the Indonesian Archipielago, the indian ocean near Australia, Mongolia and the missing realm. Note that if these were landmasses they´d be sunken just like Atlantis, courtesy of the Great Catastrophe.

First thing, what if the missing realm… Is actually on the map´s blind spot, the Poles. If it was the North Pole, they could be called Hyperboreans. But the South Pole and Antartica are the perfect place for a long lost civilization. On the Poles there are six months of night and six months of day. List like a little someone who was half beautiful woman and half rotting corpse. So I´d locate Helheim in the South Pole.

Note that Helheim is said in some norse myths to be a province of the land of primordial cold. Or in this case, its neighbour. Niflheim would be in the southern Pacific, surrounded by waters, mist and glaciers.

The moas of Eastern Island look like giants to me. But since Jotunheim is taken, this site must be different. The light elves should be comfortable near the sunny Ecuator, near lush jungles and forrests, but so´d be the Vanir. So I´d bet Eastern Island and the Indonesian Archipielago match Alfheim and Vanaheim.

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In the middle of the asian continent, near the Gobi desert… I could imagine master masons and craftspeople, mining for resouces. Most rare earth elements are harvested in this area. What if the Svartalfheim was located here, and their satellite sites were from Tibet, Siberia and Mongolia.

Lastly we got Midgard. My original thought was Eden close to the Kilimanjaro. But this mount ishalf contintent away from the insignia. Maybe the isu from Muspelheim were the ones in charge of creating and educating mankind but the main population was elsewere. Or maybe the main "production" site was near modern day Australia. In any case, Midgard would be in the Indic Ocean.

TL;DR According to the map where Pieces of Eden are located we got from AC1 (the hologram cast by the Apple after the Al-Mualim boss fight), AC2 (the Codex pages) and Origins (the Siwa vault) I´ve updated the location of the nine Isu realms.

  1. Alfheim – Eastern Island or Indonesian Archipielago
  2. Asgard – Scandinavia
  3. Vanaheim – Eastern Island or Indonesian Archipielago
  4. Jotunheim – North America
  5. Midgard – Indian Ocean near Australia
  6. Muspelheim – (North) Africa
  7. Niflheim – Southern Pacific Ocean
  8. Svartalfheim – Continental Asia
  9. Helheim – South Pole

I do know keeping track of all this lore during 10+ years through 15+ video games, comics and books with several directors and plotlines involved is extremelly challenging. And I do not expect all details to be a 100 % consistent. But if this theory holds water, this means the blueprint of the Isu plots (which are the driving force of the franchise, Assassins and their enemies wrestling for Pieces of Eden) over the years has been in front of us, and we have DECADES of content ahead of us.

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