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Alexander Hamilton, Assassin or Templar?

Content of the article: "Alexander Hamilton, Assassin or Templar?"

I made a post asking the same question about Talleyrand a few weeks ago, and now I’m presenting a similar one.

Hamilton’s pretty well-known in the public conscience due to the musical so I don’t think I have to give much information, but I’m still curious.

First of all, he was the leading figure in the Federalist Party, which seems to give off much more Templar energy than the opposing Republican party, as the Federalists stood for a more centralised power and were accused of being monarchists. George Washington, although nominally non-partisan, was more aligned with the Federalist policies, and in Assassin’s Creed III he is more or less aligned with the Assassin cause. Hamilton was also the proponent of the whiskey tax, and therefore instigator of the whiskey rebellion. In his younger years, he was a massive advocate of the ideals of liberty, which strike me as Assassin ideals, but the Jacobins are Templars in Unity, so that may not mean that much.

Despite the Federalists seeming more Templar-like, Hamilton’s Democratic-Republican enemies have more obviously Templar signs. According to AC: Last Descendants, Boss Tweed was a Templar Grand Master, meaning Tammany Hall was Templar-run. In the election of 1800, Tammany Hall backed Hamilton’s killer and the eventual vice president Aaron Burr. Hamilton was also a vocal opponent of the Clinton family, including the governors of New York George Clinton and his nephew DeWitt Clinton. DeWitt was historically the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar in America, which may or may not be related to the Templars of the franchise.

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I’m going off on a bit of a tangent, so what do you think? Was Alexander Hamilton an Assassin or Templar?


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