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Almost complete fishing delivery list

Hello folks,I am on my second playthrough and I thought that I should keep track of how many fish of each type and size I need for the fishing delivery tasks since I haven't found a single guide about it on the internet. I will share this work in progress (I remember from my firtst playthrough that there are a few deliveries after these that require fish found mostly on Norway. I will add them to this thread once I unlock them again), so people can also keep track of how many fish left they have to get. Anyways, here it is what I have recorded so far:

  1. The Farmer's Feast: 2 regular eels, 2 small perchs
  2. Valka's brew: 2 regular bullheads, 2 regular brown trouts
  3. Feeding the birds: 1 big perch, 3 regular bullheads
  4. Pesce offering: 1 big perch, 2 regular eels, 4 small brown trouts
  5. An historic meal: 1 big bullhead, 2 regular perchs, 2 regular halibuts
  6. Reda's lucky fish: (1?) big brown trout, 3 regular brown trouts
  7. Flavor!: 1 big shad, 2 brown regular trouts, 3 regular halibuts
  8. Putrefaction: 1 big halibut, 3 regular shads, 4 small haddocks
  9. Eydis' surprise: 1 big haddock, 2 regular halibuts, 3 regular cods
  10. Smorgasbord: (1?) big cod, 3 regular haddocks, 2 regular burbots, 4 small pollocks
  11. Sword and Fishery: 2 big burbots, 3 regular pollocks
  12. Cat attractor: 2 big pollocks, 2 regular cods, 3 regular flatfish
  13. Cold storage: 2 big flatfish, 3 regular burbots, 4 small breams
  14. Honey trap: 2 big breams, 2 regular pollocks, 3 regular salmons
  15. Farmers' Fish Food: 2 big salmons, 4 regular breams, 3 regular grey trouts, 5 small sturgeons
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Note: you also need 20 small bullheads for 2 different altar offerings (10 for each) and 5 small brown trouts for another altar. Early in the game, when on England you can find about 6 big cods in small chests, but I don't remember which zone those were in, sorry.

Feel free to correct me if you see any mistake/s on the list I posted above. Oh, and those (1?) are there because I already turned in those big fish before posting here, and I don't remember how many of them I needed for those two deliveries.

Edit: here are the current totals for each type and size of fish so far (related to the list posted above, still incomplete):

Eels: 4 regular.

Perchs: 2 small, 2 big, 2 regular

Brown trouts (not counting the altar): 4 small, 5 regular, (1?) big

Bullheads (not counting the altars): 5 regular, 1 big

Halibuts: 7 regular, 1 big

Shads: 3 regular, 1 big

Haddocks: 4 small, 3 regular, 1 big

Burbots: 5 regular, 2 big

Pollocks: 4 small, 5 regular, 2 big

Cods: 5 regular, (1?) big

Flatfish: 3 regular, 2 big

Breams: 4 small, 4 regular, 2 big

Salmons: 3 regular, 2 big

Grey trouts: 3 regular

Sturgeons: 5 small


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