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An Assassin’s Creed game set in Estonia

So, I know Estonia is probably too small and historically insignificant for Ubi to consider making a game set here, plus, our country's flatness would leave few places outside the cities to parkour on, but God damn it, it would be really cool and not just because I'm a patriot. There are several times in Estonian history where its people fought for freedom (something the Assassins could get behind):

  1. The 13. century 20 year struggle against the crusaders from Riga and their Livonian and Latgal allies. The Knights Templar historically didn't take part, but a few with their ideas could've snuck in with the other knight orders present.
  2. Saint George's Night's uprising. A peasant revolt that lasted only two years, but caused a considerable shift of power in the region. It wouldn't fill a game, but could work as a prologue mission.
  3. The War of Independence from 1918 onward. This would be the closest to modern day we've been in the Animus (Olivia's memories in Syndicate took place in 1915, i think). Stealth could be very much mandatory again to not be shredded by gunfire. Also, I think it'd make an interesting dynamic, since the Assassins at the time (or at least the Russian brotherhood) were allied with the reds, so our protag could have to fight against them like in Rogue (the game could also be from their perspective and focus on the early Soviet Russia's conquest clashing with their ideology.

In terms of gameplay, the Livonian Crusade IMO would work with the current RPG mechanics, but the Independence War game should definitely use the "classic" AC formula, with more emphasis on gunplay. The birb could find a way to return, but having traditional Eagle Vision would be nice.

What do you folks think?


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