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An Idea for an Assassin’s Creed Japan

This is a general idea that I came up with while listening to a fan made Japanese Ezio’s Family.

My idea is to show how the Assassin Order got introduced to the Far East and how it might translate differently because of cultural differences. The protagonist could be a ronin who was betrayed by his master, a shinobi or a daimyo, because of a secret organization that ‘worships’ Orochimaru trying to rule Japan behind the emperor’s back. Now where the Assassin/Templar comes in is that shortly into the story, about the equivalent of when Eivor arrived in England, the ronin would encounter a group of foreigners trying to make an alliance with this group of worshippers but instead get slaughtered. The ronin would search the corpses and find a Templar cross on them before being jumped by a couple of Assassins. At first they will assume the ronin is a Templar but when they realize he has no idea what a Templar is they ask what happened. He tells them and the Assassin’s will assume this group could be allies but the ronin would unsuccessfully try to warn them of the danger this group poses but because of the language barrier they don’t quite get what he’s saying. They go on ahead while the ronin stays behind trying to figure out what is going on between them and the Templars when he hears the Assassin’s screaming. He finds them near death and now understanding that this group really is dangerous and give the ronin a scroll with the creed and a diagram of the hidden blade on it before passing on. The ronin at this point could give the Assassin’s a Japanese version of requiescat in pace that would be used in all the assassinations in the game.

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Over the course of the game we could see the ronin adopting the creed (effectively it becomes a replacement for a master where he pledges himself to the creed that fits both in a cultural way and an Assassin way) and the equipment in a Japanese fashion, effectively making a group inspired by the Assassin order but also distinct since it would be combining techniques from the order, samurai and ninja to take down the evil group of the story. At the end the group could be eradicated but thanks to the ronin and his recruits he gains over the course of the story it allows the Templars to finally set foot in Japan to start ruling it from the shadows.

This could be fleshed out more but it would require knowing an exact time period and knowing more about the historic culture. My main thing was to have a story that bridges the ‘not an Assassin’ stories we’ve been playing with being one again. I chose to have the protagonist be a ronin because they are essentially a disgraced soldier and that seems like the kind of person who would adopt the creed as a new master to answer to. I also wanted the antagonists to not be Templars because I would think even when Alfred reforms them there have to still be protoTemplars out there and show what happens when one doesn’t want to join the Templars at all and becomes a threat to both groups.

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Any thoughts on this idea?


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