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Animus anomalies transcripts and their meanings

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Don't read this post unless you've fully completed the game and want to know more about the Isu-specific story.

This post is an addendum to my previous analysis of Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Isu story. I suggest you read that post first, before starting on this one.

Below are full and uncensored transcripts of the Animus anomaly discussions between Aletheia and her lover, Loki. I have done my best to place them into what I believe is chronological order and will be providing my thoughts on the discussion, and how it ties into my aforementioned analysis of the great Isu story in Valhalla.


Aletheia (A): I have spoken with the Mother, the Father, the Sacred Voice. They have assured me their success is imminent. Our people will survive the cataclysm.

Loki (L): Six times they have tried to save us. Six times they have failed. Forgive me if I have my doubts.

A: The mother is working on a seventh. A bold solution… risky. But she is confident it can work.

L: And what does the Father say? Or the Voice? They are strangely silent these days…

This transcript is actually the final Animus anomaly you can encounter, in Norway. It refers to "the Mother", the Father, the Sacred Voice" who you may recognise as being the three entities the Order of the Ancients worship (though by the time they become the Templars, they appear only to acknowledge the Father).

As will become clear later on, these names are a reference to Uni (the Mother), Tinia (the Father), and Merva (the Sacred Voice). You may recognise these three by the more familiar names: Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva.


L: Curse that Mad-One, that one-eyed wretch! He has taken our son! Imprisoned him for invented crimes and locked him away!

A: As he said he would, love. Do you not remember his threats? You should have been more careful.

L: Have we no power to stop him? To save our son? No recourse?

A: What can we say? And to whom? Must the world know about our children? Must your wife learn of us? Is that a risk you want to take?

L: I must do something! Anything!

This one references Loki and Aletheia's son, Fenrir. It also makes clear that the two have more than one child who, for one reason or another, the existence of is kept secret. The exact reason why this secret is necessary is unclear, but it is a possibility that it is related to the Isu's caste system. Like some real-world cultures where caste systems exist, if Loki and Aletheia are from different castes, it might be that any children are considered… lesser, for lack of a better term.

It is also interesting to note that Loki is already married at this point; depending on who his wife is (Sigyn in real-world Norse mythology), this might be another reason why the childrens' existence is kept secret.


A: My love, what happened? You are flushed, trembling.

L: An eye for an eye. A son for a son. For if ours must suffer needlessly to the end of his life, so too will his tormentor.

A: What… what have you done?

L: The poor boy collapsed so suddenly. Felled by the faintest taste of mistel-berry. With his father standing over him, weeping!

A: Reckless, foolish! Were you seen? Do they know it was you?


This appears to be something that, at least on the surface, appears not to be covered in-game. It is a reference to Loki's murder-by-proxy of Odin's son Baldur, by mistletoe, in Norse mythology. as you will see in the next analysis, this may well be of more importance to the story than first appears.


L: The Mad-One is away, wandering in lands afar. He searches for a way to resurrect his son. Asking every leaf and stone for answers.

A: We can use this to our advantage. To steal the seventh, the serum and its catalyst.

L: It should be ours. For all the suffering he has wrought.

A: Our minds are attuned, love. As sympathetic strings.

L: When the time is right, just right, we’ll go.

Following on from #3's reveal that Loki had killed Odin's son, we discover that Odin is away in "lands afar" searching for a way to resurrect his son. This could be a reference to Odin's journey to Jotunheim as portrayed in-game, but that would be a tenuous connection. Most likely, this is simply another example of Loki's determination to bring ruin upon Odin.


A: Have you heard? The High Council has stripped the Mother of her title. For gifting our tormentor her seventh method of salvation.

L: The seventh method? Is it viable? Why were we not told?

A: I’ve heard whisper and rumours. It seems the seventh requires a human host.

L: A human host? Do you mean… rebirth? As one of them?

A: Yes. But it’s a small loss for a greater gain. A risk we must be willing to take.

This one is largely self-explanatory and the basis for my earlier assumption that the Mother, the Father, and the Sacred Voice are the Capitoline Triad. We see in-game that it was Hyrrokin, aka Juno, who gave Odin the serum (the "mead") in return for a sample herself. The "seventh method of salvation" is a reference to the six methods previously mentioned in Assassin's Creed III. It is closely related to the third method–the transference, or "imprinting", of consciousness into a new body. Whilst the third attempt sought to transfer a consciousness into an artificial body, failing and leaving its test subject, Aita, brain dead, the new seventh method sought instead to imprint a consciousness onto yet-to-be-born humans.

This attempt was largely driven by Juno's desire to restore her husband Aita's life, and ultimately leads to the creation of the Sages, whilst the Aesirs' attempt leads to their imprinting on humans, as depicted in Valhalla.


A: Wake, my love, wake! Soldiers at our door. They’ve come for you! For us.

L: Let them take me. I have no more fear. Let me air my wrath in the courts.

A: They’ll kill you before they let you speak!

L: I’ll appeal to the Council. They must know what the Mad One has done.

A: They’re upon us! Now is not the time!

EDIT: I originally missed this one, so adding it in now!

The timing of this one is somewhat ambiguous, but would make sense to me to be placed after Baldur's murder but before Aletheia's injury (#7). It's possible she was injured by the soldiers, but it's also possible she was injured somehow else.

I've placed it after #5, the last mention of the High Council, because it makes sense to me that Loki would seek the Council aid against Odin only after they had already taken action against Juno for gifting Odin the serum.


A: Ah! Stop… stop!

L: Keep still, love. You’re injured. Now let me see…

A: Ah! No… no more, please. Let… let me die. Here. Where all is quiet.

L: No! This is… this is NOT your end. There is a way. A Piece of Eden, a staff attuned to this method of transfer. It may work!

A: Or I may end up like the outcast’s husband. A beating heart without a mind. But do what you must… I see no other way.

It is not made particularly clear what has happened here, but Aletheia appears to be terminally injured. It would appear that an early attempt at memory transference, perhaps similar to the original attempt that left Aita brain-dead, has caused Aletheia great harm. It could also be that she was injured during an attempt to retrieve the serum (see #4). Loki, at this point, suggests using the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus as a vessel for her consciousness.

The "outcast" is Juno, who had previously been outcast by the High Council (see #5) and, in all likelihood, by now imprisoned by Jupiter and Minerva for her plans to conquer a post-Great Catastrophe world.


L: Be still, love. And let the current flow. Let it take you.

A: Is this…? This is dangerous. It may not work.

L: Until we have the serum , this is all we can manage.

A: Will you not ask the Mad One for me? Ask him for the serum. Beg him for it.

L: He would not listen. And I would sooner see our world obliterated before I gave that man a view of me on my knees.

Loki and Aletheia appear to be attempting to transfer her consciousness–the current–into the Staff. By now, it would appear that Loki's full "betrayal" of Odin has been revealed and he has been banished from Asgard. ("None may follow. Loki least of all.")


L: My love, are you there? Speak and tell me you live.

A: I… I live. If this is living. A mind without a body.

L: And do you feel?

A: I feel myself. My sense of being. Nothing more. Nothing less. No pain or… or joy… or passage of time.

L: And yet you are with me. And I with you. And together we will endure.

At this point Aletheia's consciousness is now in the Staff.


L: My love, the time is now. The cataclysm is upon us. The Mad One has gathered his trusted eight to his secret hall.

A: Remember the calculations. You must act with precision. Every small step must be accounted for.

L: I’ll remember. They are burned into my brain.

A: How long until your rebirth?

L: A long time, love. You must wait in your endless present, and I will sail the black sea of nonbeing. But if all goes well, I’ll find you again. On the far side of our doom. We’ll be together. Again.

The final transcript. The Great Catastrophe/Ragnarök is upon them. Loki and Aletheia have used the calculations (the very same calculations that predicted Odin's demise at the hands of Fenrir) to plan his assault on Odin's Yggdrasil chamber. The assault itself, we see in the new Truth video.


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