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Another AC game, another ending I hate. (My take on AC Valhalla story).

All the games have a “to be continued feel to them” but they never continue.

I am sure I missed on some things but if they give us such a long game with bs missions making us travel around the map for mundane tasks, then at least make it a good payoff.

So according AC Valhalla (and if I understand it correctly), the norse gods are actually the story of Isu. Ragnarok is a solar flare that killed all of them but the select few were able to reincarnate themselves in human form (aka the life tree from the norse mythology).

So that sounds like the origin story of the Isu… so the question is… why does it matter? It just sounds very anticlimatic and a pessimistic view of what the isu are. Essentially, they just reincarnate as humans but have no desire to change or do anything but rather to have people live a life that mimics their real life counter part. It just inserts a huge story after so many games where it just seems sloppy because why didn’t these same isu reincarnates not exist in other assasins creed games?

As for Templars, it appears that king alfred starts the templars, which are the christian version of the order. However, he is not an isu reincarnate, so as of now, templars and order have no connection to isu other than obsessing over their technology.

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As for Basim, he is the reincarnate of loki, so it makes sense he tricked his way to time travel essentially…. but again… why does it matter. Basim is programmed to find counterparts of odin and others that he is also programmed to trick. Why does basim care so much of the order. Also, what purpose does basim have in wanting to meet with leaders o f assasin. It’s not like the people assasins are fighting have a story with original issue.

The main quest was anti climatic af. I know they are doing it with historical context in mind, but they could still found a way to make a good ending. So we united all of england for a light assault on a small village. Eiover and Alfred meet later and buddy up as if nothing happened, as if no one died that he cared for.


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