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Anxiety & Depression Gaming Support Group

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Hey everyone, I am trying to start a support group and a place for people with anxiety and depression to go to be around likeminded gamers who understand the struggle. Right now we are around 15 strong but I want to continue to build our community.

I started this with Ghost of Tsushima for people who have anxiety/depression to be able to find groups for the high level content like the raid or for people who don’t want to use a mic but still want to find groups to play with who understand why the mic could be a difficult thing, a place to go and be around chill people who understand.

Gaming is a chance to escape the difficulties of life and its therapeutic for a lot of people so I want to build a community for people to be apart of something more, a place to game, share stories, find compassion and understanding, and also a place to find help if they need it. I battled anxiety/depression for 12 years of my life (almost half of it) and had several strings of suicidal tendencies. So the community I’m trying to build is around gaming but I do want it to grow into something more where I can help, change, and save lives.

These things are important to me because they’ve been apart of my life for so long and I know what they do to the ones affected and the people that love them. I’m trying to reach people and help as many as I possibly can so you can contact me whichever way is best for you, add me on PSN/Xbox I’m Klonologic or message me here. I have a discord channel for people who want to be apart of the community and have a place to go to talk about games or serious things; I have a private channel that people can be apart of that I call “safe-space” so there’s an even more secure location to have serious conversations and get help (I also invite loved ones who want to ask me questions or just want information, I have a lot of it considering it’s a majority of what I remember in my personal life) but the rest of the discord channel is set up for individual games and memes/fun/uplifting things. It is a community built around COMPASSION and INCLUSION. We accept anyone who needs/wants help or anyone who just wants a place to go to be around people who truly understand them.

Read more:  I’ve been playing AC Valhalla and it’s been one of my favorites since Unity. I’ve played all of them with varying degrees of interest. I love the Ezio Trilogy, AC3, Black Flag and Unity.

Everyone is free to participate however they like; mic, no mic, chat, share stories, share content, or just be apart of the group to be apart of it. I want to help people and I’ve always said if I can help one life then I was successful but why not try to reach as many as I can. This is a caring, understanding, and compassionate community and we accept everyone for who they are; I want a place for people to go where they can be themselves and be comfortable no matter what challenge life has given them. We welcome everyone with compassion and understanding!

PSN & Xbox: Klonologic


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