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Anybody else feels that a 2-handed axe (and especially the swords) are .. underwhelming?

Content of the article: "Anybody else feels that a 2-handed axe (and especially the swords) are .. underwhelming?"

I barely used them so far mostly due to the low speed, either using light shield + spear or 1-handed weapons. Played around yesterday with the weapons from the title and .. welp. I mean, it’s a what? 1 meter long sword I’m hitting them with and it deals so .. absurd low damage.

I mean, the weapons are the slowest ingame so I expected them to somehow.. compensate that. The 2-hand axe seems to do that by having the swing around that hits multiple enemies and a good chance of knocking over/away.

But what’s the benefit of the swords? Besides the sprinting forward?

I mean, every weapon seems to have its particular use. Spears are good for single targets and have a long range. 1-hand axes are Allrounder, fast and good damage and so on.

But swords?

Overall I’m not really happy with how Valhalla treats weapons. Or better said, the unavailability of many weapons early / mid-game unless you loot extensively is .. frustrating. My inventory is full with axes, spears and shields. But I barely have 2-handed weapons like axes or swords.

Coming right from Odyssey this is incredibly.. annoying? I mean what’s wrong with at least allowing us to pick up a generic, not with any ability & not upgradable weapon from a dead enemy?

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Overall Valhalla feels on a dozen locations like content was scrapped last minute. Have you ever tried using a bow from your ship? It triggers a similar voice line like in Odyssey when you tell your crew to aim. Except that only you aim…

I mean yes. Fuck yes. Valhalla improved many things good. But all those things feel like minor adjustments. Stuff that 10 years ago would have been added as balancing patch.

I mean, what did they do? Spend 1.5 years writing a story and landscape and then trying in 6 months to build a game around it?


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