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Assassin’s Creed Community Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research – #ACSisterhood and Discord team up for International Women’s Day

Members of the Assassin's Creed community are participating in a fundraiser for breast cancer research. For International Women's Day the ACSisterhood joins Discord for a joint fundraiser to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

There will be streams of people playing the games and crafting projects & works related to Assassin's Creed. This is a weeklong event, March 9 – 16, 2021.

There are wonderful PRIZES being raffled during the streams, as well as some creative milestones as goals are met! For example, if $5000.00 is raised, Community Developer Manager /u/Ubigabe will read out Assassin's Creed Mean Tweets! All milestones will be a fun & amazing time for everyone!

All the information can be found here:

We hope you'll join in the Assassin's Creed community in raising money for such an important and worthy cause. Please come and show your support as ACSisterhood and Discord team up for the BCRF for International Women's Day.

Donations can be made here:

Fundraiser schedule

Fundraiser milestones

Edit to add: So far, $3500 has been raised, and that is just in 2 days of streams! Thank you to everyone who has come out and supported and have donated. We’re having a lot of fun, and Discord will be matching the donations! Hope you join us!

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Edit: We did it! As of today, 3/11, we’ve raised over $5000 for this fundraiser! And we’re not done yet! We’re so proud of everyone who has joined in the streams and who has donated.

Edit: Had an amazing day! As of 3/12, after a generous donation from Ubisoft, we’ve now raised $12000!

Edit: As of 3/13, over $13000 has been raised. On 3/14, the prizes, including many art prints will be raffled off. Be sure to tune in!


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