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Assassin’s Creed could Revolutionise the RPG genre

I've been thinking about this topic a lot, especially since the community has been so vocal about the shift in identity the franchise has gone through. I hear a lot of people say this is a natural evolution of what AC is, while others say AC should never have become an RPG, and it has no home in the genre. Classic AC fanboy as I am, I do think AC would benefit from being an RPG, but not in the way Ubisoft has done it.

Consider what AC did for the action-open world genre. The way ac 1 and two revolutionize what it is to interact with the world, a truly open world. They had a third-person parkour system that still hasn't been matched. They had a good concise story and beautiful action pieces. Companies copied Ubisoft game design because Assassin's creed as a trademark, and all its iconography, is a gold mine for innovative game design.

Now consider how Ubisoft could redefine what it is to role play in a game. All these witcher clones they've put out are a shard of the quality they could come up with, by leaning into harder than ever, the pillars of AC (Social stealth/parkour/hidden blades/grounded history/science fiction/ etc) instead of straying away from it. Imagine if in Skyrim you had dense crowds you could blend in with and use as cover while you wander through cities and reach enemies. Imagine Geralt could run up to a building and start scaling it artfully, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and staying unseen. Imagine that, instead of your traditional enormous map, designed for you to spend hours on end traveling it, there was this one, large city. This one big city that TRULY changed depending on the actions and choices you make. The landscape, the people, the atmosphere, the politics, it all changes depending on the choices you make and it actually impacts the architecture of the game, not just the color of NPC uniforms.

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I truly think AC could stop the trend of having enormous grindy maps, and could make us role play as an assassin the way no one has ever role-played as a fictional character before.


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