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Assassin’s Creed Primal Potential Settings

Since Far Cry Primal released in 2016, people have been joking about a similar setting for Assassin’s Creed. While I wouldn’t go back 15000 years, there are settings from our ancient past that can create similar tribal vibes and remain faithful to Assassin’s Creed. Unlike previous settings where I focused heavily on individuals, we will not be discussing that as heavily here, as most individuals are fairly unknown. Instead, the focus is on the setting and what it could bring to the table.

Hallstatt and La Tene Culture

During the European Iron Age, a distinct culture became prominent in central Europe around 1200bce, known as the Hallstatt. These were, essentially, early celts, which evolved into the modern idea of Celts during the La Tene culture which expanded from the Hallstatt around 500bce. While megalithic sites such as Stonehenge may have been used by Celts, and could definitely be explored as part of their religion, these structures existed long before the Hallstatt culture, though were sometimes incorporated into their architecture such as with the Newgrange Ring Fort in Ireland. While early Celts were largely rural, by 500bce, we start to see larger towns and cities start to emerge like Oppidum and houses that were more than small huts. Regardless of Roman and Gaul propaganda emerging in the following centuries, the Celts were not just savage barbarians or rushed into battle nude. There are multiple examples of Bronze and Iron armor, and we can see many influences from the Greeks and Romans in their armor, while their metalworking and stone artworks always retained that unique Celtic flair. It would also allow for a deeper exploration of Druids and Celtic religion than what Valhalla or Wrath of the Druids will. A game like this, exploring gods like the Morrigan or The Tuatha, and early religious practices while showing their expansion in Central Europe could also act as a bridge to Scythians and Iranians to the east, and how the Cult of Mithras infected Rome and the Order of the Ancients.

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Pre-Columbian Americas

While the Aztec and Incas were reaching their Zenith just prior to and during the Spanish Invasions in the 16th century, the other famous civilization, the Maya, had collapsed several hundred years prior. The Maya, unlike the Aztecs and Incas who had built sprawling empires, conquering other kingdoms, were instead loosely connected city-states that were at constant war with one another. A game in this period could easily deal with the complex politics of the multiple states at war, intervention by the central-Mexican city of Teotihuacan, Mayan religion, and political assassinations across the region. A truly immersive game with sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum, or Tikal at their height would be great to see, and would give a chance to see what Ah Tabai meant when he said the creed had already been in the “New World”.

Pacific Island Cultures

For about 2000 years, people have been inhabiting the thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean, using Drua to connect islands, creating a variety of tribes, kingdoms, and empires. Nan Madol in Micronesia, for example, has evidence showing a multiple island empire by the 11th century, with complex stone structures and cities being built up out of the water with the volcanic rock being carved and transported overland for miles before being put on boats and transported to Nan Madol and neighboring islands. While the city is a bit small, there’s a ton of evidence of all of the Micronesian islands of larger cultures that haven’t been fully excavated due to local religious concerns. To the east, Polynesians had created the Tu’i Tonga Empire by the 10th century, expanding into the 12th century taking many of the islands of the pacific. The 13th ad 14th centuries were wrought with civil war among the islands, and multiple assassinations and attempts against the Tonga (emperor) led to the creation of a sister dynasty, the Tuʻi Haʻatakalaua to help lead the Tu’i Tonga. The capital of Mu’a on the island of Tonga also contained large stone carved structures and large carved stone platforms that many houses were placed on, though the architecture of the houses varied significantly across every island. Amidst the civil war in Tu’i Tonga, a Tahitian priest named Pa’ao arrived in Hawaii, allegedly bringing a “New Order” to the islands, along with new rituals including human sacrifice by deposing the king of Hawai’i, Kapawa, who fled to Maui where the two families went to war for centuries. Following these events, by 1320 there appears to have been a mass-migration of Polynesians to New Zealand, making up the Maori people, as they don’t appear to have settled before a volcanic eruption in 1314. I’d definitely be able to see a game centered around Civil War being caused by the allies of Pu’ua in Tu’i Tonga, and centering on founding a safe tribe in New Zealand, and fighting the order in Tu’i Tonga and Hawai’i, and maybe a DLC in Nan Madol. It’d be really interesting to see how the Assassin and Templar orders would react to being in such a different area of the world. We could even see multiple factions sprouting up due to how spread out the world is, with the Order of Ancients, Templars, Hidden Ones, and Assassins all holding mildly different viewpoints in one way or another.

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