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Assassin’s Creed: Retribution (My Idea for an Assassin’s Creed Game)

If you like the idea of this and want me to post a detailed storyline, let me know! Hopefully this can appeal to both OG fans of the series and newer ones, taking the best from both worlds. I have a fairly good idea of what I want the story to be about and I’ve already began writing it about an hour ago, but here are the important aspects of this game:

Time and place: * 1810 * War of 1812 in the United States, France, and Great Britain * Big Closing Cutscene around mid 1830s

Assassins: * Connor (about 56 years old) * Léon ( about 28 years old) * Arno (about 44 years old) * Aveline (about 65 years old) * Not necessarily Assassins, but allies will be made

Templars: * Shay (about 81 years old) * Other Templars that need to be fleshed out, but connected to Shay * Napoleon Bonaparte (has Apple of Eden and becomes corrupted by it, joins Templars, may or may not be connected to Shay, I still have to decide)

Small Details: * No modern day, purely a concluding sequel to a few characters that needed it. I know a lot of people didn’t really like Connor or Arno (I personally loved Arno), so I want to see if I can make them better * The Cafe Theatre and the Davenport Homestead can be visited and interacted with * Haytham’s journal is in the Davenport Homestead and can be interacted with * The French Brotherhood Assassin Council Area can be visited * In Britain, it is possible to see the Kenway Mansion, however since the Templars control it even after Evie and Jacob’s time, you are not allowed to go inside (each Assassin will have something to say about it when looking at it) * Connor and Aveline take on older sibling roles for Arno, and are like an aunt and uncle to Léon * Arno refers to Léon as his son, although at this point, he has had a child with another woman since Callum Lynch is a descendant of Arno, although the kid isn’t mentioned and is probably with his mother * Arno is much like the Arno seen in Dead Kings, very stoic and poised. The only things he cares about are the Creed and Léon * Léon is brash and reckless, the others are constantly chiding him * Aveline is her usual self * Connor has had a daughter, so he is more relaxed, but cautious about strangers * Shay is very old and remarkably still alive, but he is still integral to the story (it’s called Retribution for a reason lol) * Some historical figures will play key roles, but I don’t know who they are as of this moment (I’m not a Ubisoft research team but I’ll figure it out later) * Assassin’s Creed history is a bit flexible and will be shown, nothing too major * Multiplayer comes back with a storyline where up to 4 players can play together with different Assassins, but I’m not writing that one * Multiplayer could also include 1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1, or 1v1v1v1 trying to stealthily assassinate your targets while staying alive

Gameplay: * Freely switch between Assassins like in Syndicate, main story missions require a certain Assassin to be used * Naval Combat is back using Black Flag mechanics (pretty important focus on it since the War of 1812 was predominantly naval), Connor gets a new ship that the others can use (undecided on name) * Ship upgrade system like Black Flag, needs currency and materials * Health bar with notoriety markers, can tear down papers, bribe speakers, or kill witnesses to reduce notoriety * Assassin Recruits are back! Certain World Events allow you to recruit up to 12 Assassin recruits * Recruits can be sent on missions throughout Europe and North America and can die either in missions or when called in combat * Like in Revelations, each Assassin Recruit has a story to feel more connected and invested in them * Tapping LB calls Assassin Recruits, holding LB has them throw knives instantly killing all the enemies around you * World/Crowd Events yield a reward after completing a certain number of them, spawn randomly * Collectible chests that can give currency, gear, or weapons * Eagle vision like in 1 – Syndicate, upgrades lead to more helpful indicators * Tools: smoke bombs, cherry bombs, poison gas, throwing knives, stun grenade * Skill trees like in Odyssey but realistic, no BS stuff like glowing yellow and being unkillable or turning invisible * Leveling up gives skill points, skills and abilities need skill points to be upgraded * Leveling up also increases the level cap of your gear and weapons * You can ride horses and carriages in all three countries * You can either pay for a horse or steal one, stealing in a populated town or city puts the police on you * Currency is automatically converted to the country you are in (Livres = France, Dollars = United States, Pounds = Britain) * Currency is used to upgrade weapons, buy tools, add perks to weapons and gear, rent a horse, etc * Travel between United States, Britain, and France * Parkour, movement, and combat system from Valhalla minus pressing LS to change speed * LB and RB to parry * Hold RB to use melee ability, LT to use ranged abilities * No left handed attacks * D-pad: Down – whistle to attract enemies, up- use medicine, left – select ranged weapon, right – select tool * Enemies have light attacks and unblockable attacks and can parry or dodge * Enemies adapt to your fighting style * (Ex: if you use too many light attacks, they will parry and attack you more often while you are briefly recovering from the parry. It happens very quick so you’ll need to react fast) * (If you stay at range for too long, enemies will run toward you in random patterns making it harder to hit them) * Weak points are still a thing, drains enemy stamina bars * Stun attack animations vary on the weapon and Assassin (ex: Léon could strike fast multiple times cutting apart the enemy, whereas Connor might use his tomahawk and repeatedly hack at the enemy’s head before beheading him) * Customizable weapons and gear for each Assassin * Certain weapons and gear are only available to certain Assassins (ex: Connor’s tomahawk, Arno’s Sword of Eden) * Gear pieces are Head, Torso, Hidden Blade, Legs, and Boots * Colors customize the colors of gear pieces. You can have a blue hood and a black torso if you want, or go all white, your choice * Each Assassin will have certain outfits they can wear, colors and gear pieces won’t be shown if an outfit is equipped * Guns are back, both pistols and rifles, as well as bows. Connor uses his bow and trains the other three to use one * Arno and Léon have a special gift for Connor and Aveline, which all 4 can use 😉 * Weapon system similar to Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla, multiple weapon types with different Damage, Speed, and Stamina stats (“realistic” numbers, not like Odyssey) * Gear has Armor, Health, and Stealth stats * Melee weapons, tools, medicine, guns, and ammunition can be looted from dead enemies, chests, or bought in shops on the map * Weapons and gear have rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) * Arrows can be crafted in the inventory menu * Each Assassin will have different pros and cons (ex: Connor will lose more stamina in combat than Arno because he is older, but will have higher damage because of his experience and years of his brutal combat style) * Although Aveline is “old”, she can still take care of herself in a fight * Order/Cultist like target menu except with British, American, and French Templars that are fueling the war * Optional objectives are back * No dialogue options, just a set and focused storyline that this series needs


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