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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an amazing game.

Content of the article: "Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an amazing game."

Wow. (No spoilers!)

I grew tired of the Assassin's Creed series over the years. After Black Flag, I found every game that came after it boring. When a reboot was announced, I was so hyped. I liked Origins, but not loved it. It was a good game, sure, but something was missing, but still, nice reboot.Odyssey on the other hand, well.. It was pretty meh. It's like they tried to "fill" what was missing by making the game a full RPG, but with the Ubisoft way of filling an open world, afraid that the player will do nothing and get bored. But it was repetitive and I felt the quest weren't that good, so I never finished it.

So, when Valhalla was announced, I was already tired. I didn't wanted to play it. I mean, I hate vikings (well not really, but I hate their representation in cultural products as GROWN MAN WARRIOR BARBARIAN), and Odyssey left me bored.But, ultimately, I got Valhalla.

And damn. This game is so good.

The exploration is great. There isn't a lot of things, and thanks god! Odyssey was way too full, there was too many things it was overwhelming and in the end, I didn't cared about most of the things I was doing or looting, because there was too many!I just love to discover things as Eivor. I just discovered Vinlandand it's so great!

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The feeling I have, this feeling of immersion i've got just wandering in the lands is something I want to feel when I'm playing videogames, and mostly open world. Origins and Odyssey's worlds felt.. Just there. The exploration was cool, but the immersion was less good.In Valhalla, all the improvements made on immersion just makes the exploration better, but that's not the only thing.Now, just walking or riding towards a tower I've seen, the incredible music in the background, feels awesome.And what's more awesome, is that in that tower, there's some loot I really needed, cause there isn't a lot of loot in Valhalla, and I think that's great game design.

Since I didn't care about the game, I didn't checked any news or anything. What a surprise to hear Einar Selvik singing! The soundtrack is incredible, this is the best music for this kind of game, and the music itselfs tells the story of Eivor.

The narration is such a good part as well. The structure looks like Witcher 3's, but it's somewhat different. Like, every region got his narrative arcs and characters, and throught them, Eivor grows and his story writes with his – or yours – actions.

The vikings are great. I love that they are not just showed as stupid barbarians with horned helmets. It's awesome. I love to see womans fights in the battle, it's so cool. And we can play as a woman, which is super great for representation, and it serves immersion as well. So happy they kept that from Odyssey.

And last thing.. Origins and Odyssey didn't felt like Assassin's Creed. It was good to me, cause like I said, I grew bored of the former design of the first games. But Valhalla.. Besides bringing one-shot kills and hiding in the streets back, the feeling of the game is way more Assassin's Creed. They didn't took the old design back, they just improved it with what they've did in Origins and Odyssey.

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Valhalla feels like it's the best game in the series to me. My favorite was the 2nd, but now I just love Valhalla. It's the real reboot of the saga, it's an awesome episode, and most of all, this is an awesome game. Looks like the thing that was missing, was the Assassin's Creed feel, and all that work on immersion.I was thinking this game would be just okay at best, and was waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 for my immersion shot. But damn. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is so good, it might beat Cyberpunk.

Thanks Ubi Montréal. Such a good work.(sorry for the bad english!***)*


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