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Cairn Stone Dialogues from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Recently I was trying to find the dialogues that play about young Eivor during the Cairn Stone challenges. However, I couldn't find anywhere online which curated all of them for easy reading. So I went through and tried to find as many as I could. And I thought I couldn't be the only person out there looking for something like this, so here you go!

I've found that many of these provide a lot of context into how Eivor grew up as well as why they had become so fixated on getting revenge

Rosta: “So, go on. Try it yourself.” “Eivor, come! Stand here and look out over the fjords, hold my hand, there you go.”

Eivor: “Whaa! I have never been so high”

Rosta: “Your father brought me here long ago, when we were just nineteen winters. Together we stacked stones into cairns.”

Eivor: “These?”

Rosta: “Yes. Think of this as a test of mind and wit. Stack the cairn stones high and wide, into any shape you like.

Eivor: “How do I win?”

Rosta: “You win by playing, and a quite mind is your reward. Let the air and nature’s beauty soothe you.”

Sigurd: “You are quite good at this, these cairns. Better than me, that I admit.”

Eivor: “Yes”

Sigurd: “This one is your masterpiece. A monument to the gods. Now bask in their glory and receive their honor.”

Eivor: “The gods rarely have honor.”

Sigurd: “Well”

Eivor: “They never live in peace. They hardly bat an eye at jealousy, rage, and madness.”

Sigurd: “yes, yes … they are perfect.”

Eivor: “Come, Father, this way!”

Varin: “I am here, I am here”

Eivor: “Look. I made this myself, my tallest cairn yet”

Varin: Ah yes. Your mother said you had taken swiftly to the stack-of-stones. This is impressive

Eivor: “And it can stand hard against the winds as well. Watch!” (blows)

Varin: (laughs) “A burst of blue-air that blows to rival Njord’s noisy belches! Well made, Eivor. But know this, height is not the only trait of a cairn’s beauty. Shape, balance, and expression are key. Seek a variety of these. Let your only goal in this task be to surpass your own best creation.”

Eivor: “The sound of stones falling upon stones is nice. They click and clack so well.”

Sigurd: “I prefer them as skipping stones. The wish and the sploosh! Watch!”

Varin: “Sigurd, stop that.”

Sigurd: “Did you see that? How far it went? A giant’s arm I am! The strength of the gods!”

Eivor: “That was mine.”

Varin: “You know better than to take what is not yours, Sigurd. Must I tell your father how badly you behaved today?”

Sigurd: “Say what you like. He would not believe you!”

Varin: “He would … and then he would pitch you into the sea, and invite me to drink in his hall. Be warned.”

Eivor: “Sigurd, can I have that stone?”

Sigurd: “No, I need it for my tower.”

Rosta: “Sigurd. Your father tells me you have a love-pledge with Sefa?”

Sigurd: “No, not anymore. She called me a whale-face and I spit on her foot. Those are not words a lover should use.”

Rosta: “Does Sefa know that you have severed your bond with her?”

Sigurd: “She does. I told her to find another drengr. Then she cried. I do not why. Sadness can be so silly.”

Eivor: “Your meanness will haunt you one day, Sigurd. I would never betray you.”

Sigurd: “Because we are friends. In love, hurt is different from that of friendship. Lovers must betray one another, as the sun rises and sets.”

Sigurd: “No, no, use that stone. Eivor, use the large one. There.”

Eivor: “Do you like the snow, Sigurd?”

Sigurd: “I suppose. I … I accept it.”

Eivor: “I love it. I wish it could gather under my skin, surround my bones, and cloak me in silence, just the way it quiets the land.”

Sigurd: “Snow like arrows? The skald in you speaks! I admit, it does calm me down some.”

Eivor: “If everyone sat and watched the soft, chunky snow fall, and said nothing … nothing at all, we would all be happier.”

Sigurd: “Snow makes for a poor plowing bed. That’s what I know!”

Rosta: “Eivor, did you hear? The king will visit tomorrow. Sigurd will be with him.”

Eivor: “Father told me, but I cannot play too often with Sigurd. He always steals my stones and calls me troll-tooth”

Rosta: “I can think of one way to fluster him. Use all of these stones for your next cairn. He’ll have none for himself.”

Eivor: “I could build the largest cairn he has ever seen. He would be so jealous.”

Rosta: “Take these. Make him smile.”

Eivor: “Yes.”

Rosta: “And did your father mention Gunnar’s arm ring?”

Eivor: “No. Not that I remember.”

Rosta: “Speak with your father tonight. He has a special task for you.”

Sigurd: “Eivor … I hoped I would find you here. You seem well. Your wounds have healed quickly. I heard my father talking to the others. He said you were his child now, so … so that makes me your brother. You are welcome to this family. Now we will grow together, and feast together, and scamper over the snows together. I hope that pleases you. It pleases me. What is it you are building now? Two homes? Or … a hill and a mountain?”

Eivor: “This is my father Varin. And this is Kjotve the Cruel”

Sigurd: “Ah”

Eivor: (Scream) *knocks down the stones* (Crying and grunting for 20 seconds)

Sigurd: “Lean on me. I will lead you home.”

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Eivor: “Are you referring to my father?”

Sigurd: “Am I what?”

Eivor: “What you just said. Was it about my father?”

Sigurd: “I said nothing. We have been silent since we came here.”

Eivor: “Liar. You did, just now. As plain as you’re talking now.”

Sigurd: “You are mad. What did I say?”

Eivor: “A coward believes he will live unto old age if he stays clear of strife, but old age will wither him fast, though he be untouched by spears.”

Sigurd: “I said nothing of the sort, troll-tooth! That is the All-Father whispering into your big head.”

Sigurd: “Eivor? Eivor, you bacraut (asshole). I know you hear me.”

Eivor: “What?”

Sigurd: “Do you often think of your father?”

Eivor: “Yes.”

Sigurd: “Do you believe him a coward?”

Eivor: “He is a coward, as everyone says. And now he lives with Hel. Her servants Slow and Lazy, her curtains Dire Luck pulled across his bed.

Sigurd: “You should win back the honor he lost.”

Eivor: “I will.”

Sigurd: “I know you will.”

Eivor: “Describe it for me, Sigurd … Valhalla.”

Sigurd: “Ah, well. My father says the walls will drip mead, your fingers will sing, and your feet will grow wings! Jewels will fall from the mouths of wolves … butter jumps from barrel to bread.”

Eivor: “And the mud smells of lavender. I heard that once.”

Sigurd: “Yes. And when your eyes command rain, it pours hot drops, your smile craves sun, the clouds part like curtains. Bloody, shiny, unbreakable Valhalla … one day our slaughter-reeds will guide us there, my Eivor.”

Eivor: “And my father will not be with us. That much I know for truth.”

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