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Can I complete the game just by going through the story?

Content of the article: "Can I complete the game just by going through the story?"

TLDR: is it possible to finish the game just by playing through the main quests?


I'm 8 hours in, about to do the "Final Push" mission which I guess is the official conclusion to my time in Megaris.

But I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do, the scale, all the icons on the map, the number of quests that are being piled on me. And I don't mean this in a good way, it's actually quite stressful, and the game is still unveiling new mechanics and things to do.

I've done side missions and tried crafting gear etc. But I'm not enjoying it that much. I bought the game largely blind, having not played an AC game (or really any big 3d game of this nature) in probably 8 years. Just heard it was the best since AC2, which is a game I loved. But I'm a little disappointed.

So I want to get my moneys worth, see the game through and maybe capture that nostalgic feeling, can I get that just by following the main story quest? Or is grinding these side missions and contracts and bandit camps etc. a necessity? I am too overwhelmed by being pulled in so many different directions and dealing with gear and loot and crafting and shit.

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A mission that has scared me is one where a lady flagged me down, said she wanted some guy dead, I walked five mins to him, tapped Y to kill him in Broad daylight, walked five mins and back and that was the mission. That was not a fulfilling ten minutes, and I fear I'll be in for more of this.

I might veer off course to explore a little if a location catches my eye (I'm looking forward to completing the Blind King mission for example) or if I bump into a mission organically but beyond that… I don't think its a game for me? I guess climbing the mercenary ranks could be cool.

Fwiw my favourite things to do in the early AC games were climbing to high places and the actual assassination missions. Haven't don't much of either in the 8 or 9 hours of playing. Probably won't even get to do the latter since I can't just assassinate instakill everyone. I did enjoy killing the Nation Leader as soon as I was allowed to, but it was more just fighting instead of sneaking and killing. Sad!

Might I enjoy Origins or the new one more? Or are they as equally sprawling/overwhelming? I don't mind a more linear and focused experience.


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