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Choosing between Assassin and Templar?

Content of the article: "Choosing between Assassin and Templar?"

So i've been thinking, wouldn't it be nice to choose a side?

So you can play the game and story out of the context of the opposing side? The idea would be to let the player choose at the start of the game between 2 characters e.g. a female assassin and a male templar. We can say that in the modern day story our they found 2 strings of dna to lead to these characters. (This way you can still choose your gender but it wouldn't mess with the lore so much.) These characters are at the opposing sides of the main conflict in the game but meet and talk to each other sometimes. at the end they can face a common enemy or each other but not kill each other although i like the common enemy thing more. This way you can experience 2 story's and it gives replay value because you maybe would want to see the other side of the story.

Story wise you can have 2 treasure maps or paths which lead to the same macguffin (an apple of eden of something like that). That way if there is need for a key or an npc which holds information to get to the goal it wouldn't influence the story of the other side.

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Also it would be nice to have interaction with each other during the game. I was thinking to do sort of an economic system like in AC2, Brotherhood and revelations where you need to buy shops and other stuff to make money but since the other character is also present in the world (but would be an npc) he/she would also be doing the same thing. so you can come across a shop which is already bought by the other character where you can still buy things but at an extra cost your own shops would give your a discount ofc.

tombs would also be back but you can find tombs of both sides for armor and weapons ( it would be nice if its the same thing like the shops where a tomb can already have been plundered by the other char but since you can't get all the armor or weapons in the game that way this would be a problem.

The point is that you would have 2 story's and 2 fully fleshed out characters who you can both sympathise with you can also experience the templar side of a conflict which in my opinion has not been visited in a proper way in this franchise. although it being a valid look upon the world.

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