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Connor and Arno Paris Sequel

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This is a game I want, connor and arno are both excellent characters with a lot of potential, here is how it would go: When connor finds achilles dead, he looks through his room. He finds a letter meant for connor, explaining achilles’ past, and Shay. He tells connor that shay was spotted in paris, the same week charles dorian was killed. And he explains that shay stole a box, handed down from ezio auditore, to Shao Jun, and kept a sacred artifact in the brotherhood until shay stole it. Connor without a second though, writes letters to the assassins, and Aveline telling them he will go to paris to hunt the traitor Shay Patrick Cormac knowing not when he will return. Connor goes to paris to track shay, and tracks him to a well guarded safe house. As soon as he enters, the guards spot and corner him, connor, on the brink of death, accepts his fate. But before he dies, he is saved by a mysterious assassin in blue clothes. This is arno dorian. After wiping out the entire safehouse together, they find out shay left weeks ago, heading for spain to kill another major but mysterious target. They set out together and find shay, tracking Francisco De Goya. They callout to shay, but shay notices the robes, and runs. Connor runs toward shay, while connor tries to cut him off. After running for about an hour, arno air tackles him. The three begin to fight. Shay pulls out his grenade launcher and misses Connor. He ran out of grenades, and started running away again, but found himself at a dead end forced to fight. After a long fight, shay injures Arno, giving him a massive scar on his chest. Arno falls and struggles to breathe. Connor cuts off shay’s arm with his tomahawk. Shay, in pain, tries to slash connor, but connor parries and cuts off shay’s leg. Connor gets to close, and Shay headbutts him, and almost kills connor with a hidden blade, but just as connor was about to die, arno saves him. Shay dies slowly on the ground while they retrieve the Box. and hide it away in an assassin’s Bureau in London, to be found by someone worthy.

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