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Crazy civilian AI in Odyssey

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So, to preface this, I just started playing my first Assassin's Creed game ever a few weeks ago. On a friend's suggestion I picked up Odyssey while it was on sale. It has quickly become one of my favorite games ever, for many different reasons. The game play is awesome, the story is pretty good so far (aliens are involved?), and the scenario is perfect for me (I love Ancient Greece). I had no real idea what to expect going into the game, so everything was a surprise. In the first hour of playing I found myself on the coast of Kephallonia, and saw a little sailboat, and thought "I wonder if I can go in the water and loot it". Turns out you can go in water, which was awesome, then turns out YOU CAN SAIL THE BOAT. I sailed into the first sunset of the game, which was also amazing. So this is all to say, I love this game, and have from the start.

But goddamn, the NPC AI sucks ass, and is especially bad for civilians. When I complained to my friend about it, he said yeah, it kinda sucks but that is the problem with open world games. I think he is biased by having played every single Assassin's Creed game, so is used to it by now. I have played a ton of open world games, and none have been as bad as this. The amount of times random civilians in rags, or in very nice robes, have ran from a street over just to punch me is too damn high. I'm level 52 now, so have god like armor on and the freaking Trident of Poseidon, and slaves are punching me after I kill their jailers. I have literally let people out of cages and had them join the guards in trying to fight me. Or ran away, and for some reason people from rags to riches 200m away from the original fight seem to instantly know that I am a criminal for stepping 2m closer to a temple than I should have and decide it is worth my death. Due to the leveling system the civilians end up being a problem too, not because they hurt too much, but because they have enough health to not be killed right away when I get surrounded and have to fight my way out. It is by and far the stupidest, and most annoying part of the game. Random civilians, when seeing an armored killing machine, should be running away in fear, not running towards you in order to swing a punch. Maybe this wasn't as out of place for the other Assassin's Creed games? It just makes no sense given this situation of the Odyssey game.

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And I know it shouldn't be a big deal, generally you can just run away. It is just extremely annoying to have an otherwise amazing game have such a poor AI for these NPCs. The AI for soldiers/enemies isn't great either, but it at least makes sense most of the time. I know AI is a really hard part to get right of any game, especially open world. But this needs some work. Or mods. Any mods that fix it? Or if nothing else, just a mod to fix their health. If they get poked through their rags with my spear, they should be dead after one hit (civilians, not soldiers, since you still need them strong for game play reasons).


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