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Dear Ubi, you have made Cocaine

Content of the article: "Dear Ubi, you have made Cocaine"

From someone who has spent tons of my current play though of Valhalla sitting at a table and just playing round after round of Orlog I am needing this in my life outside of the game as well.

I would love to see a physical version of this game, and potentially a stand alone app or game. However I would much prefer to see a physical game, and how may you guys approach making this game?

Well here's how:

  • Make a base set: this would consist of the following
    • A game mat, showing where everything gets set out, slots for favor tokens, the dice cup, played dice slots, and slots for your three totems.
    • 2 dice cup to roll the dice into
    • enough dice for 2 players
    • 6-8 totems, enough for either each player to have 3 or enough for the players to be able to interchange their totems between games
      • These totem cards would be much like Pokemon or Magic cards, and be special variants of cards so they are special for the set. Being special by being a holographic card, or special image on the card
    • everything in this pack would be able to be themed around each game, or each faction from the series
      • Game themes like:
      • Origins: Sand colored Die, Game mat is sandy looking, die cups have hieroglyphs on them.
      • Valhalla: Tankard style die cups, clear blue-green die
      • Black Flag: clear sea colored die, wooden ship themed cups, ocean/beach themed mat
  • Make add on totem packs
    • These could be 6-8 card packs that would give you additional totems to play with, having 1 special card in the pack, (i.e. a holographic card per pack)
    • You could also make new totems that can do special things via these packs, like a new totem that allows you to roll an additional die, who would come with a unique die just to them
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This game could get really big if Ubi treats this game right, they may also strike a goldmine if they can market it right and do the right things with it. Orlog is super easy to pick up and super addictive when you can get it down, it is a very casual yet very competitive game as well, I can see this being a contender to Hearthstone, Magic, and even Gwent.


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