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Designing your perfect AC game

Content of the article: "Designing your perfect AC game"

Basically take what you consider the best parts of the previous games you played and tell us what you end up with.

I have only played AC3 and up, I have not done any of the prior games

AC3: The Finisher animations, Valhalla is definitely a step up from Odyssey but I still think AC3 takes the cake as it were for finisher animations.

AC3: I could pet everything. Let me pet the seals and the cows and the rest

Dual Assassins blades, and if not then go the Unity route, Arno could immobilize one while killing the other one and then finishing off the second one

Unity: The climbing. Out of all the games, I enjoyed the movement in Unity the most. There were times to be sure I was like goddammit Arno but for the most part it was a thrill. If we're going to stick with no health recovery out of combat than at least have the enemies drop something..I believe Unity did this, bread/meat/fruit etc. There is NOT nearly enough berries/mushrooms in the world

Origins/Odyssey. Bird functionality. At least give us the option to have patrol routes show on a tagged enemy and information on highlighted animals such as the type. As it is the bird is useless for me. It only gets brought out when I need to find a wolf that is crying for being tied up

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Odyssey. Elemental outfits, I ran a fire build in Odyssey. I miss having armor sets dedicated to fire and poison

Mission board. The side missions in Odyssey were not a great deal of fun but you could earn resources at a decent clip. This missions in Valhalla are a damned sight better, so put that to use, do a contract board.

Adrenaline healing abilities and shield rip, I wouldn't mind seeing those abilities in the game at some point

I would also like to take something from Shadow of War. For instance if you run away from an enemy, they remember and use it to taunt you and as you progress through the game, you can hear enemies talk about you, they can react in fear and the like. I thought that was a nice touch


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