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Detection in ACV is fundamentally flawed

The Detection system in Valhalla frankly ruins stealth in many scenarios and this comes mainly due to one single feature: The "yellow" state of detection is not like the old games, in say anything before origins, Enemy would go through 3 states to detect you, first there's the yellow bar the "suspicious" stage, the guard will stare at you during this stage and usually that's when you can run away or hide, The second stage is "alert" which is a red bar that fills up and that's when the guard actively goes to look for you and detection is very fast here, Third stage is obviously combat, which is full red bar.

Valhalla's issue here is that it skips the second stage entirely, Stage 1 very rarely works as guards almost instantly detect you if you get in their range and Stage 2 which should be the red bar filling up stage is simply removed in this game, you go from being slightly seen to full combat instantly and this causes huge issues to the pacing of stealth, There is no room to run and hide because an enemy caught a glimpse at you, there's no room really to do anything, once you get into that yellow stage you're locked into combat, Now Valhalla has tried the MGS5 approach here which is once you're in yellow stage you have to kill your enemy with the bow, the issue here is unlike MGS5 not every enemy dies with a single shot, and you're not always ready to aim and shoot for example when you're aiming so this system is extremely flawed and unless you're an absolutely perfectionist you will mess up at least a few times in your playthrough, Now you're thinking "Well just play it safe and don't get out in the open, always stick to hiding spots" The issue is the game doesn't want you to play like that due to how many amazing skills they've added to enhance stealth and allow you to experiment but when detection is so aggressive there's no room to use these new tools at all, This system actively discourages experimenting despite the game giving you all the tools to do so.

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The solution to this is a simple one, Add the classic 3 Stages of detection system back into AC, I believe if this is a game that's gonna continue to get DLC and updates into the future, I truly hope they change this system with a patch one day, And if not, Maybe in the sequel, as for now, I recommend setting Stealth to the easiest if you want to have room to experiment and use all the tools provided to you in the skill tree which enhance stealth a lot but sadly rarely used due to how detection works.


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