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Did the new trilogy release in the wrong order?

Content of the article: "Did the new trilogy release in the wrong order?"

I'll lay some groundwork. I'm a huge Assassins Creed fan. I love the whole premise of the story, the lore, the history. The games are generally fantastic. Everyone will have their favourite and least favourite games in the series and that's fine.

My biggest bugbear is the accusation that the newer games aren't relevant to Assassins Creed enough. And I personally disagree wholeheartedly, with the possible exception of Odysseys main story arc. Of course legacy of the first blade starts to lay the groundwork. But I feel the criticism of this kind toward Origins and Valhalla to be unfair.

So, the title of this thread. Are the new trilogy games the wrong way round? Ubisoft went Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla of course. However, date wise and development of the Hidden ones/Assassins and the Order/Templar wise, it should be Odyssey, Origins, Valhalla.

Why? Odyssey takes place the furthest back, around 430bc, there's minimal involvement from the hidden ones, and just hints at the cultists perhaps being a similar thing to the modern Templars. Then kf the course the additional stories, adding to 2 parts of AC law, legacy of the hidden blade planting the seed for Assassins showing the development of the players son to potentially being an Assassin, and fate of Atlantis, shedding light of the first civilisation and the Isu.

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Then comes Origins 49bc, furthering on the Order of Ancients as being the enemy and developing the idea of protection into the hidden ones. Which Valhalla (873ad) then develops on in a big way and more instrumental to the story, while also bringing back elements dear to AC fans, hidden blade, one hit assassinations and so on.

This stands to reason to me that we can expect a game set between Valhalla and the first Assassins Creed game to further develop the story and evolution of the hidden ones to the Assassins and Ancients to Templars. As in AC its described as a centuries old struggle, set in 1191, 318 years after Valhalla.

In summary, I belive Odyssey and Origins are the wrong way round and should be played chronologically to best make sense of the development of Assassins and how I think the story should have been interpreted.


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