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Do you think the franchise could regain that “Tin foil hat” mystique it used to have?

Content of the article: "Do you think the franchise could regain that “Tin foil hat” mystique it used to have?"

Ok, let me elaborate a bit: I have always been a huge conspiracy theory fan and when I first played AC back in 2007 (being a 15 years old boy) I was totally mind-blown. I think it was the most intrigued I have ever been with a videogame ever (That ending… wtf!)

The first assassins creed games really embraced all those conspiracy theories in existence and created a pseudohistoric universe that was really intriguing and amazing:

  1. The templar/Abstergo thing was good old evil corporation NWO/illuminati Style.
  2. The pieces of eden related to famous Mistery objects: The ark of the covenant, the holy grail, and so on.
  3. Even the main settings were not by chance: They wisely chose 3 of the most suceptible to conspiracies eras of humanity: The crusades and all that templar and catholic secrets about Jesus and religion. The Borgias Italy and the secrets of the vatican (The Davinci Code was at its peak of popularity by that time), and the Freemasons and their weird secrets during the American colonies era. (like that movie of Nicolas Cage)

I remember getting into AC 2 looking for answers and only getting more questions. I remember doing the puzzles and discovering that all the Historic figures were part of this secret reality. Pretty dense stuff and awesome Iluminatti vibes. They escalated the conspiracy, suddenly, every major thing was parto of this conspiracy (Tunguska, JFK, WW2.. and so on)

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Then came the vault below the vatican and the appearance of Minerva. I have to admit that I was not a fan of that back in the day but it grew on me (I think it was too In-your-Face). It had a cool anunnaki/Ancient aliens vibe to it.

Then the misteries started to unravel and Odyssey kind of killed the mystique of the Isu (they put them in our faces and almost faded of the cloud behind them).

I enjoyed valhalla and they had some mysteries of their own but I would like the game to return to that Pseudohistory times were the was more mistery than "Who are the secret members of the order"

What do you think? Is it possible to return the "conspiracy theory magic" of the old games?. If so, how would it be? (I would say that going to a really mysterious historical setting like good old medieval western Europa or even Nazi Germany, given the Nazis where esotheric or Tzarist Russia with Rasputin and all that Romanov intrigue)


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