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Does assassins creed Valhalla follow the 10 rules set out by Patrice Desilets and his team?

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With the Valhalla's first DLC soon to be released i've decided to see if Valhalla follows some of the rules which were set out by Patrice Desilets and his team nearly 15 years ago . There are 10 rules stating the do's and don't when making an assassins creed game and we are going to see if Valhalla follows these rules. Of course if you haven't played Valhalla yet I recommend you don't read on as there will be some spoilers for the game. BTW I will be referring to the hidden ones as assassins and the order of ancients as the templars. For some of these I am clueless as well.

1.Assassin’s Creed will always tell the story of the secret war between Assassins and Templars.

Well yes but actually no. In the game we play as a Viking who comes in to contact with two assassins, Hytham and Basim Ibn Ishaq. Eivor Varrinsdottir is told of this secret war between the two groups by these two assassins and is asked to lend a hand in stopping their control in England. Eivor does this and wipes out pretty much every high ranking Templar in England. The problem that comes in to this is when the game forces you to do arcs that contain neither assassins or templars when the older games the war between the two remained constant but this could all be due to the fact the protagonist is not actually an assassin.

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2.Being an assassin doesn’t make the main character a ruthless killer. He kills, but he has principles and never murders innocents. He avoids collateral damage as much as possible

Again it stays loyal to some of this statement but not all. First off Eivor is not actually an assassin but more a less can function like one but despite being a viking. He doesn't seem to kill innocents , as mentioned he is a viking but his clan seems to be an exception when it comes to this. Eivor definitely does not seem to care how much damage he causes as long as he gets what hes looking for. He seems to be fine with burning down 800 villages and churches and raiding forts.

3. The war between Assassins and Templars is the foundation of our Franchise story in the past and present.

For the present day there isn't really a war between the assassins and abstergo. It just seems to be more focused on the Isu and the pieces of Eden which is totally fine, plus stopping the great catastrophe. For the past yes it is the foundation for most of it but the story can get lost sometimes.

4. The Assassin should always be agile, socially skilled, unbeatable with a blade, and a stylish bad-ass.

.Once again our protagonist is not an assassin (because who wants to be an assassin in an assassins creed game pfft) but he takes on the role of one. Eivor is all of those things I guess (i'm not sure tbh).

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5. Pivotal moments in Human History are the basis of our Franchise. Asssassin’s Creed will always take a revisionist approach on real events. We’ll use historical gaps to create our story.

Well this one is not hard. Medieval England at a time the Vikings were invading and the kingdoms were split.

6. History should always be portrayed as relevant to our core audience, with facts that tie in to present day common knowledge and edgy modern Art Direction

The game has a lot of historical elements in it I guess. (someone help).

7. Assassin’s Creed is based on Technology – Nothing is Magical, Everything has a plausible technological explanation.

Well the game includes 2 mythical cities, Asgard and Jotunheim. We fight a mythical wolf twice. We beat some massive Jotun in a boss fight. Although these are just visions on how Eivor interprets the Isu world. This one is up for debate.

8. Assassin’s Creed is about digging in a character’s past through their DNA in order to understand what really happened in key historical moments.

Its no longer about the present day protagonist's DNA but we are still searching through a characters DNA if the a suitable sample is found. Layla Hassan develops an animus that can use any DNA sample to look through the memories of anybody although it can mess up (apparently).

9. Since the player relives the deeds of his kin through his DNA, the I.P. cannot be set in the future. DNA of unborn people does not exist.

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Easiest one to do. This entire franchise revolves around revisiting past memories and this game does it as we go into the memories of a viking in the 8th century.

10. Assassin’s Creed can bend Historical accuracy but cannot create an Uchronia.

I don't think they've created a Uchronia but they have definitely changed some historical things which is fine.

Overall this game does parts of all these things. Not completely but still good enough for me. This game is still good as an assassins creed game and I still like the game and hopefully the upcoming DLC's won't disappoint. Feel free to add anything in the comments as well. Thanks for reading.


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