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Done a lot of thinking since I’ve beaten the game. . . (Spoilers below)

Content of the article: "Done a lot of thinking since I’ve beaten the game. . . (Spoilers below)"

I beat it the day another, more wanted game released, then dropped it. Spent the first half of that playththrough doing a bit of exploring, the second half just focused on the story. My original opinion was it's a crap AC game, but a good game overall. But since I dropped it, I've done a lot of thinking and have. . . reassessed some things, so below I'ma break down my two opposing views.

A crap AC game Still not an assassin, but they are at least relevant and this game introduced my favorite Assassin outfit, that being the one worn by the actual Assassins. A more armored version of Altairs outfit. Looks absolutely amazing to me. The 'Templars' are done interestingly, and I do enjoy their parts of the story. But I felt the order chart thing was done much lazier and with no drive to kill the targets, unlike in Odyssey. And as much as I love Nordic things(what with me being norse pagan), What the heck is going on with the gods? How are they and the reincarnation crap make any sense into the established lore? Am I truly missing so much information that I'm now lost? True, I didn't play the dlc for the last two games, which had caused me a good chunk of confusion for the current time story line. It feels like a mess to me, and I utterly love AC.

Changes in my opinion of the above Just on the 'Templar' chart. It's more important than I thought simply because if people are pulling strings, I should go take care of them. Also the clues to hunt them means you have to actually HUNT them again, which will be a fun task once I replay. That's it, no other changes.

A good game overall Combat and raides are, for the most part, the shining lights. Honestly I can't remember the last time I enjoyed combat so much in a game, a huge part to the awesomeness skills and a pair of great shields I had found. Speaking of found, maybe it's my inner loot goblin, but I feel cheated by how few items there are across the world. Also upgrading(not leveling) is a pain. Thanks, more searching. Everything feels like either combat or searching. So much of my time felt wasted traveling mindlessly across the map that the three city areas are easily my favorite, because 1, their stories are good and 2, much less traveling. Speaking of stories per region, a lot were very interesting and great. Actually, the overall story was great, with awesome moments I kept thinking of long after, especially where your choices affect moments later down the road. However parts of the story(especially that ending area) made me scratch my head. The whole building up the settlement was a great part, as I will always devote myself to making things better for npcs that are my people. Just an enjoyment I get so rarely it feels. Lot of little things across the game I greatly appreciate as well. Lastly, I love many of the characters and how they interact with Eivor or with other characters.

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Changes in my opinion of the above The loot. Yes, not as much as I like, but each piece is more unique and more appreciated for it. Yes, it can be a pain to upgrade but usually the appearance change is worth it. I also regret giving up on looking for everything that was out there, which leads to me also regretting that I gave up upgrading Raventhrope because I started rushing the story. Than there is also my regret of not finding all the special fights(like animals and 'templar' knights). The amount of traveling still sucks, but if I had taken my time to gather and explore I might appreciate it more.

In short, I miss it and want to go back. Heck, I restarted Witcher 3 but stopped because I kept thinking how I missed Valhallas combat and its characters. It's easily my favorite of the open world AC games, and is up there in my top 5 in the series, maybe top 3. There are still things I wish were different, or at least things I understand better. But overall, I miss the adventure it took me on.

Anyone who took the time to read this rant is free to critique any of my opinions or ask me to clarify(if badly) anything I stated above. I'm use to my thoughts being a bit different, but would still appreciate hearing what others who played this game have to say, even if it's to disagree with any of my statements.

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