Assassin's Creed

Ezio’s Life Chronological Playthrough Guide

This is a mission guide to all main missions and major side missions in Ezio’s story including the games Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and relevant spinoff titles in an order that is as close to a historical order as possible. Not all missions in the games are listed, as these are just important missions that help add to Ezio’s story. While I and others have found this type of playthrough to be fun and informative, it is NOT recommended you do this on your first playthrough, as mission replay from other games is needed. Numbers at the start indicate sequence and memory number.

If you’re interested in the real history or more lore of what’s going on, you can find an extensive document of notes HERE.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Ezio is born

WATCH – Assassin’s Creed Lineage

A Second Chance

1/1 Boys Will be Boys

1/2 You Should See the Other Guy

1/3 Sibling Rivalry

1/4 Nightcap

1/5 Paperboy

1/6 Beat a Cheat

A Woman Scorned

1/7 Petruccio's Secret

1/8 Friend of the Family

1/9 Special Delivery

Florentine Sprint


1/10 Jailbird

1/11 Family Heirloom

1/12 Last Man Standing

2/1 Fitting In

Last Rights

2/2 Ace Up My Sleeve

2/3 Judge, Jury, Executioner

2/4 Laying Low

2/5 Arrivederci

3/1 Roadside Assistance

3/2 Casa Dolce Casa

3/3 Practice Makes Perfect

Paying Respects

3/4 What Goes Around

3/5 A Change of Plans

4/1 Practice What You Preach

Best Man

Speedy Delivery

4/2 Fox Hunt

4/3 See You There

4/4 Novella’s Secret

4/5 Wolves in a Sheep’s Clothing

4/6 Farewell Francesco

5/1 Four to the floor

5/2 A Blade With a Bite

Day at the Market

Fallen Archers

Political Suicide

Reap What You Sow

Meeting Adjourned

Needle in a Haystack

Leader of the Pack


Caveat Emptor

San Marco Scuttle

5/3 Evasive Maneuvers

San Gimignano Dash

Wedding Bells are Ringing

5/4 Town Crier

Flee Market

Vertical Slice

Don’t Get Your Hands Dirty

Spear of Infidelity

Supply in Demand

No Camping

Torre Grossa’s Secret

5/5 Behind Closed Doors

5/6 Come Out and Play

Home Invasion

5/7 The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk

5/8 With Friends Like These

6/1 Road Trip

6/2 Romagna Holiday

Promiscuity Knocks

Beginnings of a Conspiracy

Over Beams, Under Stones

Romagna Hustle

Arch Enemies

Thin the Ranks

The Messenger’s Burden

Mark and Execute

Ravaldino’s Secret

Wet Work

Go Towards the Light

Dead on Arrival

Wanton Hubby


6/3 Tutti a Bordo

7/1 Benvenuto

7/2 That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

7/3 Building Blocks

Blade in the Crowd

7/4 Breakout

Thicker Than Water

7/5 Clothes Make the Man

Zero Tolerance

7/6 Cleaning House

Honorable Thief

7/7 Monkey See Monkey Do

7/8 By Leaps and Bounds

No Laughing Matter

San Marco’s Secret

7/9 Everything Must Go

False Legacy

8/1 Birds of a Feather

8/2 If at First You Don’t Succeed

8/3 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

8/4 Well Begun is Half Done

8/5 Infrequent Flier

9/1 Knowledge is Power

Visitazione’s Secret

Crash a Party

9/2 Damsels in Distress

9/3 Nun the Wiser

9/4 And They’re Off

9/5 CTF

9/6 Ribbon Round Up

Persona Non Grata

9/7 Cheaters Never Prosper

9/8 Having a Blast

10/1 An Unpleasant Turn of Events

Hunting the Hunter


10/2 Caged Fighter

10/3 Leave No Man Behind

Venetian Rush

10/4 Assume the Position

10/5 Two Birds, One Blade

The Perfect Marriage

Philanderer on the Roof

11/1 All Things Come to He Who Waits

11/2 Play Along

12/1 A Warm Welcome

12/2 Bodyguard

12/3 Holding the Fort

12/4 Godfather

12/5 Checcomate

12/6 Far From the Tree

1/1 Go to the Thieves Guild

1/2 Find Christoffa

1/3 Return to the Thieves Guild

2/1 Meet Santangel and Christoffa

2/2 Find Christoffa’s Atlas

2/3 Bring the Atlas to the Harbor

3/1 Find the Assassin’s Guild

3/2 Escape the Ambush

3/3 Assassinate Gaspar Martinez

3/4 Rescue the Assassin

4/1 Find Pedro Llorente

4/2 Rescue the Captured Assassins

4/3 Rescue the Last Captured Assassin

4/4 Assassinate Pedro Llorente

4/5 Return to Sanchez

5/1 Eliminate Templar Presence

5/2 Save the Civilians

5/3 Survive the Ambush

5/4 Assassinate the Templar Spy

5/5 Report the Spy’s Death

5/6 Enter Granada City

6/1 Infiltrate Alhambra Palace

6/2 Find King Muhammad

6/3 Escape the Tower

6/4 Open the Palace Gates

6/5 Stop the Burning of the City

7/1 Protect Civilians from Inquisitors

7/2 Assassinate Juan de Marillo

7/3 Find Christoffa

8/1 Rid the Palace of Inquisitors

8/2 Rescue Raphael Sanchez

8/3 Infiltrate Torquemada’s Dwelling

8/4 Assassinate Tomas Torquemada

13/1 Florentine Fiasco

13/2 Still Life

13/3 Climbing the Ranks

13/4 Upward Mobility

13/5 Last Rites

13/6 Port Authority

13/7 Surgical Strike

13/8 Hitting the Hay

13/9 Arch Nemesis

13/10 Doomsday

Love’s Labour’s Lost

13/11 Power to the People

13/12 Mob Justice

14/1 X Marks the Spot

14/2 In Bocca al Lupo

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

WATCH – Assassin’s Creed Ascendance

1/1 Mass Exodus

1/2 Homecoming

1/3 R & R

1/4 Horsing Around

1/5 Target Practice

1/6 Reunion

1/7 Vilified

1/8 Emergency Exit

2/1 As Good As New

2/2 Well Executed

2/3 New Man in Town

2/4 Easy Come, Easy Go

2/5 Who’s Got Mail?

2/6 Crepi il Lupo

2/7 Halls of Nero

2/8 Roman Underground

Property Dispute

Liquid Gold

Old Habits Die Hard

Lost Pup

A Clash of Interests

The Morning After

3/1 Double Agent

Wolves Among the Dead

Running Scared

False Censorship

Out of Orbit


Honorary Degree

Expedited Post

Man in Red

Sitting Ducks

Close the Book

Up to Speed

Class Warfare

3/2 Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Thrown to the Wolves

Pointing Fingers

Live Bait


3/3 High Stakes Negotiation

Eye on the Prize

Young at Heart


3/4 Collective Intelligence

4/1 Castello Crasher

4/2 Femme Fatale

4/3 The Burdens We Carry

4/4 Guardian of Forli

4/5 Man of the People

4/6 Serial Offender

4/7 Human Cargo

4/8 An Unexpected Visitor

4/9 War Plans

4/10 Outgunned

War Plans (Naval Cannon)

Loose Cannon

War Plans (Bomber)

Flying Machine 2.0

War Plans (Tank)

Hell on Wheels

4/11 The Plan


Leader of the Pack

A Blanket Finish

Closing In

5/1 Escape From Debt

5/2 Follow the Money

5/3 When in Rome

5/4 In and Out

5/5 Paper Trail

Bad Politics


The Sixth Day

Down to Earth

For the Fans


6/1 Gatekeeper

Firing Line

6/2 French Kiss

6/3 Trojan Horse

6/4 Au Revoir

Cardinal Sin


Red Handed

Turning the Tables



7/1 Patching the Leak

7/2 Calling All Stand-Ins

7/3 Exit Stage Right

7/4 Intervention

7/5 Ascension

The Ringer

Brutes and Brutality

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

8/1 Requiem

8/2 An Apple a Day

8/3 The Apple of Eden

8/4 Demilitarization

8/5 Seeing Red

8/6 All Roads Lead To…

9/2 Seed

A Roll of the Dice

The One Who Got Away

Memento Mori

Bon Voyage

Last Minute Invite

The Ezio Auditore Affair

Decoding Da Vinci

Temple of Pythagoras

9/1 Pax Romana

Assassin’s Creed Revelations

1/1 The Hangman

1/2 A Narrow Escape

1/3 A Journal of Some Kind

1/4 A Hard Ride

1/5 The Wounded Eagle

2/1 A Warm Welcome

2/2 Upgrade and Explore

2/3 The Hookblade

2/4 The View From the Galata

2/5 Advanced tactics

2/6 On the Defense

2/7 On the Attack

3/1 The Prisoner

3/2 The Sentinel Part

3/3 Guild Contracts

3/4 Bomb Crafting

3/5 A Familiar Face

3/6 The Yerebatan Cistern

3/7 Quid Pro Quo

3/8 The Mentor’s Keeper

3/9 Curse of the Romani

3/10 The Sentinel Part II

4/1 The Prince’s Banquet

4/2 An Uneasy Meeting

4/3 The Fourth Part of the World

4/4 Signs and Symbols Part I

4/5 Galata Tower

4/6 The Mentor’s Wake

5/1 The Janissaries

5/2 The Arsenal Gates

5/3 Arsenal Infiltration

Hagia Sophia’s Secret

5/4 Portrait of a Lady

5/5 Signs and Symbols Part II

5/6 The Forum of the Ox

5/7 A New Regime

6/1 Into the Shadows

6/2 Honor Lost and Won

6/3 Bearer of Mixed Tidings

6/4 A Little Errand

6/5 Signs and Symbols Part III

6/6 The Maiden’s Tower

6/7 The Mentor’s Return

6/8 Setting Sail

7/1 The Hidden City

7/2 The Spy Who Shunned Me

7/3 The Renegade

7/4 Decommissioned

7/5 Last of the Palaiologi

7/6 Escape

7/7 Passing the Torch

8/1 Discovery

8/2 The Exchange

8/3 End of the Road

9/1 A Homecoming

9/2 Lost Legacy

9/3 The Message

WATCH – Assassin's Creed Embers


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