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Fan Fiction-Deimos DLC Story-Part 1 of 2

Content of the article: "Fan Fiction-Deimos DLC Story-Part 1 of 2"

AC Odyssey-Deimos: Nobody is Born Evil-Part 1


We see a clip of that stormy night on Mount Taygetos, where they are about to sacrifice Deimos. We see a clip from the perspective of Deimos, as he’s falling from the cliff. We see a clip of Deimos as he lands in a hay pile at the foot of Mount Taygetos. We see a clip of Myrinne as she frantically searches for Deimos whilst crying. We see a clip of Myrinne with the priests and Deimos. Then finally, we see a clip of Chrysis standing at her alter as she screams towards the stormy heavens and the camera pans down to a lifeless Deimos as suddenly, we hear a thunder clap, just as we see his lifeless body gasp in a big breath of air and his eyes spring open. The camera then pans up to the storm in the dark night sky as we hear Chrysis laughing in joy after successfully saving Deimos, as thunder claps are heard in the background. The title comes up “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey-Deimos: Nobody is Born Evil”.

CHAPTER 1: The Lion, the Witch and the Warlos;


We hear a thunder clap again as the camera is tight in on a slumbering, teenaged Deimos’s face, as his eyes spring open from the thunder clap. After a moment, Deimos hears a voice…


Bad dream again Deimos?

The camera cuts to see that Deimos and an older teenage boy are in a cave. Both are covered in dirt and mud. It’s sunny outside and Deimos is lying on a makeshift bed, on some rocks, a few feet off of the floor whilst the other boy is sat near a fire, next to a big stack of arrows and some of their armour. The boy is making an arrow. Deimos sits up whilst holding his head as if he had a headache, still looking tired.


Urgh… Your Mater tells us there’s no such thing as a bad dream, right Warlos?

WARLOS; (Mockingly/Impression of Mater)

No, she says you should embrace the nightmares Deimos, embrace them!

They both glance at each other and chuckle.


Anyway, be careful Deimos, she doesn’t like me calling her Mater, nor does she appreciate anyone reminding people that I am her son either, you know that, so call her Chrysis like everyone else, for your own good…

DEIMOS; (Groaning)

Relax Warlos, you always act as if she can hear us, besides, she’s not that bad…


To you she’s not because you’re her star pupil, you make her proud, I’m sure of it. But to me, to me, (Sighs) sometimes I think she just hates me, I can’t seem to do anything right, let alone make her proud of me for once.

Deimos sits up straight and turns his head to face his friend proudly.

DEIMOS; (Supportive/Proud)

Well today’s the day she will be proud of you my friend. We have passed all of her training trials, all we have left is this one, last hunting trial and then we will return victorious! Who else, who else could have done what we have accomplished over the past few weeks? A whole island of lions Warlos, that was us, Chrysis will have no reason not to be proud of you!


You killed most of those lions in that trial Deimos, I couldn’t even…

DEIMOS; (Interrupts)

What, kill a lioness and its child, there was no honour to be had there, you were right to let them go, it was only two lions, she won’t find out. Anyhow, you like lions.

WARLOS; (Suspicious)

You know, I think that’s why she made that one of our trials, because she knows I like lions. She can be cruel like that sometimes.


Stop it Warlos, it’s the tiredness talking. Your Mater, (Sighs), Chrysis, will be proud of you today and you know it, you’ve earned it and that cannot be denied!

Deimos positions himself so he is now fully sitting on the rocks, legs dangling, facing his friend. Deimos notices the pile of arrows.

DEIMOS; (Surprised)

Have you been up all night making arrows?

WARLOS; (Yawning)

I tried to sleep, but I was too excited for today. She may not have missed me, but I still missed her, and yes part of me thinks she’ll finally be proud, maybe even let me call her Mater, maybe today IS that day Deimos…

Warlos smiles at Deimos, who nods back proudly.


Also, I heard what sounded like a bear outside the cave last night, a BIG one too, couldn’t have it come in here and turn you into bear shit now could I, so one of us had to stay awake.

DEIMOS; (Concerned/Annoyed)

What, you could have woke me! Wait, so you’ve had no sleep? We’ve been up two days straight now! You should have woken me Warlos, we could have taken shifts whilst the other slept!


No, you needed the sleep more than I my friend, you’ll need all your strength if you’re to stand a chance at beating me in the trial today, I want no excuses from you!

DEIMOS; (Playful/Cocky)

Oh is that right Warlos? So we’re turning this into a personal contest today then are we, like the trial with those sharks you did so well on the other day? (Chuckles).

WARLOS; (Protesting lightly)

I only lost that one because…

DEIMOS; (Interrupts)

I know, I know, I know. You like sharks too.


No, it’s because the shark I was after kept swimming away, chased it all the way to Lesbos, you should have seen it too, it was…

DEIMOS; (Interrupts)

Massive, yeah, yeah, I remember your story of that now. Of course it was Warlos…

Deimos smiles sarcastically at Warlos. Warlos angrily stands.

WARLOS; (Annoyed/Determined)

Malaka, I’ll beat you today Deimos, she may think you can keep up with the older and much wiser students, and maybe you can. But even you won’t be able to beat me in todays trial, not me, not against boars, I’m the boar master!

Close shot of Deimos. Deimos smiles and lies back down on the rocks with confidence and with his hands behind his head.

DEIMOS; (Confident)

Ah, yes, you are Warlos, you are the boar master and that is in no doubt, in fact, you’re ‘boar’ing me right now… I’ll beat you easily, don’t you worry about that, just tell me when we get started and…

The camera cuts to a wider shot and we see that Warlos is now suddenly wearing his armour and is ready to leave to go hunting. Deimos notices and looks at Warlos in surprise and confusion.

WARLOS; (Smiles)


Warlos runs out of the cave.

WARLOS; (Laughing/Leaving)

Good luck!


How did he do that so quickly, cheating Malaka!!

Deimos quickly stands up and frantically grabs parts of his armour as the screen fades to black.


Deimos emerges from the cave wearing his armour. We see he is standing in a wooded area.

DEIMOS; (Speaking to himself)

Better get moving, he wasn’t kidding when he said he was good at this!

This is a playable part of the scene. It’s a race between Deimos and Warlos, first to kill six boars. When Deimos kills his first boar, he shouts “Killed one already” and Warlos shouts back that he is on his third boar already and the shouting between them continues throughout the hunt, but Warlos only shouts up to his fifth boar kill (After the third boar kill of Deimos). When Deimos kills five boars, a cut scene starts…

We see Warlos with his bow and arrow, slowly creeping through some bushes, sneaking up on a boar, which hasn’t seen him. It cuts to a “low to the floor” view from many meters behind Warlos, as if Warlos was also being hunted by something too, an animal. We cut back to Warlos as he takes aim at the boar he’s stalking and fires his arrow, killing the animal.

WARLOS; (Joyful/Shouting)


Then his face turns to panic as he hears a growl, which is behind him and close! Warlos, with no arrow in his bow freezes in fear for a moment, then we hear the growl again and Warlos slowly turns his head towards its direction as his face fills with fear. We cut to see that two boars are behind Warlos and are getting ready to charge whilst growling. Warlos quickly tries to get an arrow from his quiver and is frozen to the spot as the boars begin their charge at him. As the boars are about to hit Warlos, Deimos, seemingly coming out of nowhere, manages to push Warlos out of the way of the attack, and, at the same time, slashes the boars with his sword, killing both of them.

Warlos and Deimos hit the ground with a thud, but are uninjured. Warlos has dropped his bow and arrows onto the floor. There is silence for a moment.



Warlos chuckles as they both get to their feet and begin brushing themselves down.


Ah, no way. The trial was the first to six, the first to six boars Deimos, and I won!

Warlos starts to pick up the bow and arrows he had dropped.

DEIMOS; (Shocked/Confused)

Are you not going to thank me for saving your life again, Warlos?


Hey, I have saved your life before too! I’m just letting you know, so there is no confusion, that I won this time, I, beat, you…


You’ve saved my life once, once! How many times have I saved you now?


Oh, so you’re counting now are you?

DEIMOS; (Angry)

Well you’re counting the boar!

They both stare at each other determinedly, then, after a moment they both laugh and hug in celebration.

WARLOS; (Hugging Deimos)

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We did it Deimos, we did it! Trials finally over, we can go home now!

They stop hugging and Deimos taps his friend on the back as they happily walk away together, with the hand of Deimos on the shoulder of Warlos.


And thank you for saving my life Deimos… I did win though.

The screen fades to black.


We see Warlos and Deimos walking along a pathway, towards a building in the distance and it’s now evening time, with the sun going down…


So, are you going to see her again?

Deimos thinks for a moment.

DEIMOS; (Confused)

See who?


Who? You know who, that fighting girl, the one on the island, what’s her name again?


What, Roxana? (Chuckles) No, your Mater put a stop to that, said if I were to see her again, she would curse her whole family!


(Sarcastic laugh) Yes, yes that does sound like something she’d do, and I thought I told you to stop calling her my Mater Deimos…

They both stop walking as they spot Chrysis up ahead. She is standing outside of the building they are walking towards in the distance. Warlos looks happy, but nervous to see her. Deimos, noticing that his friend is a little nervous, puts his hand onto Warlos’s shoulder in support. Warlos looks at Deimos after a moment.


Well, maybe she’ll be proud enough to let you call her Mater now, as she should be, my friend.

Warlos smiles as Deimos taps Warlos on the back and they both resume walking towards the building and Chrysis.


It’ll probably be better if we didn’t mention the whole saving me from a boar thing from earlier, right?

Deimos chuckles as they walk out of shot and the screen fades out. The screen fades back in as Warlos and Deimos approach a smiling Chrysis.


Glad to see you have both returned to us in one piece, I cannot wait to hear all that happened to you during your travels.

WARLOS; (Happy)

It’s good to be back, I missed…

CHRYSIS; (Interrupts)

Yes, yes enough of such talk. Now, leave your weapons and come with me. You both must be very weary after your long journey, and we have prepared a surprise for your return.

Chrysis turns and walks away whilst Warlos and Deimos excitedly take off their weapons and some armour and leave them in a pile next to the building, before jogging to catch up to Chrysis. We see Warlos and Deimos as they catch up to Chrysis, then start walking slightly behind her along the pathway, all heading towards a pigpen in the distance.


I want to hear of the trials, how did they go, were you successful?

Warlos and Deimos glance at each other and smile in confidence and pride before both turning back to look at Chrysis.

WARLOS; (Proudly)

We were!

CHRYSIS; (Puzzled)

You did all of the trials, all of them?

WARLOS; (Proudly)

Yes, yes we did!

CHRYSIS; (Puzzled)

All of them, already?

WARLOS; (Proudly)


Chrysis smiles and nods to herself.


Never have the trials been done so quickly by so few, such an unbelievable achievement.

WARLOS; (Proudly)

Thank you Chrysis!


No child. You have made me very proud of you today and have proven yourself more than worthy of calling me Mater now…

Deimos knows how much this means to Warlos, and they both glance at each other and smile, both very happy, then, both focus back on Chrysis again as Deimos taps the shoulder of Warlos in congratulation. They arrive at the entrance to the pigpen and stop as Chrysis turns to face Warlos and Deimos. Warlos goes to cuddle his Mater.

WARLOS; (Proud/Joyful)

Oh thank you Mater, I…

Chrysis stops Warlos from hugging her.

CHRYSIS; (Interrupts)

Wait, I haven’t finished speaking yet child. Like I was saying, yes you can call me Mater, and yes I am very, very proud of you… Is what I would be saying to you, (Angry) if you wasn’t such a lying, fucking coward!

Chrysis steps aside and angrily points to a lion cub trapped in a snare behind her in the pigpen. Warlos and Deimos look surprised, shocked and a little scared. Two soldiers from the cult of Kosmos appear and stand next to Chrysis.

WARLOS; (Alarmed)

Mater, Mater, I can explain…

CHRYSIS; (Furious)

Explain what? Explain how Deimos did most of the killing, explain how Deimos did most of the tracking, explain how Deimos had to drag you through all of those fucking trials, do you really think we wasn’t watching and listening the whole time Warlos? And you couldn’t even kill a couple of malakas lions! You’re weak! How dare you come back and try and lie to my face like you have just been doing! How dare you! The whole cult knows now, you’re an embarrassment to me, to us! I’m just thankful they didn’t know that you are my son!

Deimos goes to say something angrily to Chrysis, to defend his friend, but as he opens his mouth, Chrysis notices and looks at him menacingly, which stops Deimos. Deimos hangs his head as Chrysis turns her attention back to Warlos.

WARLOS; (Panic)

We still did the trials Mater, I don’t under…

CHRYSIS; (Interrupts/Angry)

It doesn’t matter and stop calling me that! (Calms) The rules of the trials are important and should be followed without compromise, we do this so we know that when we give orders, they too will be followed (Gets close to the face of Warlos), without compromise. The trial was clear, kill every lion on that island Warlos, those were the rules, those were our orders! So no Warlos, you didn’t do all of the trials, did you… You knew how important it was, it is, to follow these rules, Warlos, you know this better than anyone, so are you really going to lie to me for the second time today and claim you don’t understand, Warlos?

Warlos hangs his head in shame, breaking his eye contact with Chrysis in doing so. Chrysis returns to her normal posture.


But, I feel I’m partly to blame for this too, thinking you were anything more than a snivelling coward was a step too far. It was me that chose you as his partner for the trials, it was me that thought that, with Deimos at your side, even you couldn’t make a mess of things for him and it was me that asked the whole cult to pay attention to the trials. But how wrong was I, I should have known better…

WARLOS; (Pleading)


CHRYSIS; (Interrupts)

Enough! You should have killed the lions Warlos, and when you didn’t, you broke the rules of the trial, and the orders of the cult. Deimos knew you hadn’t killed them and should have either forced you to kill them, or killed you himself for not following the orders of the cult, those are the rules, those are the orders. I trusted you to partner Deimos in this as the trials cannot be done alone. I trusted you to make Deimos shine in front of the cult, to show them his power, his potential, so they could all finally see, so they can all finally understand. But all you did, your only meaningful contribution through the entire fucking trials, was to disobey the cults orders, and then corrupt Deimos into doing the same, I am ashamed of you… By letting, by allowing your influence, your weakness to rub off on him, you have demonstrated, and have clearly shown that you both cannot yet be fully trusted, and you did that with the whole cult watching. The cult should have had no reason to doubt the potential of Deimos after the trials, I knew he would beast them all, but you, you tainted that Warlos, you’ve given them a reason to doubt, and all for the sake of a couple of malakas animals…

After a moment of silence, one of the cult guards tosses a small sword onto the floor in front of Warlos. Warlos looks up, confused.


You will both learn to follow orders properly, one way or another, starting with this one, Warlos. You, and you alone, are going to finish what you started and… (Angry) Kill that malakas lion cub! And don’t you fail me again, Warlos. Don’t, you, fail, me…

Chrysis walks away, followed by the cult guards. Warlos falls to his knees and begins to weep, then Deimos kneels down to comfort him as it begins to rain.

WARLOS; (Sobbing/Angry)

No, no, no! All that time spent, all that we did, and all for nothing, nothing! I should have known she’d be watching, I should have known, they know and see everything, everything!

DEIMOS; (Consoling)

It’s okay Warlos, it’s okay…

WARLOS; (Sobbing)

I’m sorry for involving you in this too Deimos, this was my mistake to be blamed for, not yours!

DEIMOS; (Consoling)

Don’t speak like that, I knew I wasn’t following the rules as well, and I wouldn’t have killed those lions either, just like you didn’t.

Warlos looks up and in the direction Chrysis walked away, but she isn’t there, nobody is.

WARLOS; (Sobbing)

She’ll never be proud of me.

DEIMOS; (Consoling)

She will, you’ll get there. All you have to do is, redeem yourself…

Deimos picks up the sword from the floor and goes to hand it to Warlos. They both glance at each other, then both look down at the sword as Warlos slowly takes the sword from Deimos. They both look at the trapped lion cub as Warlos stops sobbing, clears his eyes and they both slowly stand, with Deimos helping Warlos to his feet. After a long moment of thinking, Warlos turns and faces Deimos.

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What if I don’t do it?

DEIMOS; (Concerned/Looking around)

What?! Warlos, have you lost your mind, they could be watching!

We cut to a shot and see a close up of Chrysis hiding behind a nearby building, eavesdropping on them with a listening trumpet, with Warlos and Deimos quite far away in the distance. We cut back to a closer shot of just Warlos and Deimos.

WARLOS; (Determined)

I know they could be, that’s why I want to act fast! What, if, I, don’t, do, it, Deimos?

DEIMOS; (Confused/Concerned)

Malaka! Then they will punish us… Both!


Not if we aren’t here!

Deimos stares at Warlos with a stern look on his face.

WARLOS; (Trying to convince)

Look, the witch doesn’t even let the rest of my own family know of my existence Deimos, she doesn’t let me call her Mater, she is never proud, no matter how hard I try or what I do. You know she’ll never change Deimos, she’ll never change! And from here on out it’s just going to be more and more blood, you know that, and it won’t just be animals this time, no more trials! I’ve known you for a long time Deimos, I consider you my closest and dearest friend, and I know you, I know you! You don’t like the killing Deimos, you don’t, and what’s going to happen when she finds that out, what’s she going to do to you then?

Deimos hangs his head and Warlos places his hand on the shoulder of Deimos.

DEIMOS; (Reluctant)

Please, don’t put me in this position Warlos…

Warlos shakes Deimos a little and Deimos looks up and he and Warlos stare at each other.

WARLOS; (Trying to convince)

I know I’m asking a lot of you this time, and I know it’ll be dangerous for us everywhere, we, go, if we do this, so I won’t force you to leave, I won’t, and I’ll leave alone, if that is your choice. But I’d rather you with me, my friend… Are you with me? Are you with me, Deimos?

Deimos and Warlos stare at each other for a moment. Suddenly Deimos grabs Warlos by the shoulders aggressively, smiles, then nods as Warlos looks relieved and grabs Deimos by the shoulder too in a friendly manner and laughs. We cut to a shot and see a close up of Chrysis, still hiding behind the nearby building, eavesdropping with a listening trumpet and she looks very angry as she shakes her head, with Warlos and Deimos in the distance. We cut back to a close shot of Deimos and Warlos.


Anyway, if I wasn’t there, who’d you have to save your life time and time again, huh?

WARLOS; (Smiles)

Good, I thought you were just coming with me because I still owe you that drachmae…

Warlos turns and walks towards the pigpen.

DEIMOS; (Confused)

Wait, wait, you still haven’t paid me back yet…

Deimos stops as he notices where Warlos is going, and goes after and stops him.

DEIMOS; (Stopping Warlos/Whispering urgently)

What are you doing Warlos? We need to get our weapons and get out of here if we’re following your plan-and now!

Warlos glances at Deimos, then turns and stares at the lion cub. Deimos looks at the lion cub in realisation.

DEIMOS; (Whispering)

Oh, I forgot, you like lions, right (Chuckle), never change Warlos, never change… Go, free that malakas lion and I’ll grab our weapons and meet you back here, okay?

Warlos looks at Deimos proudly and puts out his hand, gesturing for a handshake.


You know me so well, Deimos. Thank you for this my friend!

Deimos smiles and pushes his hand away as they hug instead.


Thank me when we get out of here, Malaka!

After a moment, Deimos and Warlos break their hug, both smiling. Deimos turns to walk away.

DEIMOS; (Walking away)

Now, make it fast Warlos…

We cut to a shot and see a close up of Chrysis hiding behind the nearby building. She is now looking around the building at Warlos and Deimos, with the ear trumpet still in her ear as she is trying to listen to Warlos and Deimos in the distance. She looks very angry as we see Warlos throw the sword to the ground and go to the trapped lion cub as Deimos is walking away from them all. Chrysis drops the listening trumpet, coldly turns, thinks for a moment and then nods towards one of the cult guards that are near her. The cult guard walks away, behind the building.

We cut to a close shot of Warlos as he struggles to free the lion cub without it hurting him. We cut to a wider shot as we see Deimos in the distance, walking towards the pile of weapons and armour. We cut to a shot of the cult guard, behind a building and he is next to a big female lion that is in a cage. The lioness is really angry as it can hear the noise of the lion cub in distress nearby. The cult guard opens the cage and the lioness springs out, growls at the guard, then quickly runs towards the noise of the lion cub.

We see Deimos, now walking back towards the pigpen with the pile of weapons and armour in his hands, and he can just see Warlos, who is still fighting to free the lion cub in the distance, but now Warlos has bloody scratches on both of his arms from trying the free the cub, which makes Deimos chuckle and shake his head. With one last tug of a rope, Warlos finally releases the lion cub from the snare and he stands up and shakes his fists in the air in quiet celebration towards Deimos in the distance. Deimos smiles at this, stops walking and drops the pile of weapons and armour he is holding as he too raises his fists in the air in quiet celebration with Warlos. Then, they both hear a long, loud, roar of a lioness, which makes them both freeze with fear, with Deimos unsure of where the roar came from.

We cut to a close shot of Warlos and we see the big lioness is in the bush right next to him. Warlos knows the roar was close and where it came from and looks frozen and horrified, seemingly knowing his own fate. The lion cub runs away unhurt just as Warlos gets up enough courage to slowly turn his head to look at the bush and direction of the source of the roar. He notices the lioness and becomes petrified, frozen.

We cut to a close up of the concerned, crouched, Deimos, who is looking around with his head for the source of the lioness roar, whilst frantically trying to free his sword from the weapon and armour pile at his feet at the same time, but the sword appears stuck in the messy pile. Then, Deimos stops and suddenly notices his friend looking at the bush in terror and Deimos stares at Warlos for a moment, trying to work out what is going on. A sudden look of horror and realisation washes over the face of Deimos as he realises what is happening…

DEIMOS; (Screaming)


Deimos, leaving the weapon and armour pile behind, and without his sword, starts to run towards Warlos as the lioness suddenly pounces on Warlos and starts to ferociously attack him and we hear the terrified screams of Warlos as he is being attacked. Deimos, upon hearing his friends screams, tries to run faster as he is still quite far away, as he sprints towards the pigpen.

Deimos eventually gets to the pigpen entrance and looks on, horrified as he falls to his knees in shock. Warlos is clearly dead, a story told by the face of Deimos, the surrounding blood of his friend and the stopping of the screaming, only the growl of the lioness remains as it continues tearing what is left of his former friend to pieces. After a moment of horror, Deimos hangs his head and closes his eyes tightly and covers them with his hands, not wanting to witness anymore.

We cut to a shot of Chrysis, hiding behind the building, watching Deimos in the distance as she calls over one of her Cult guards urgently, now seemingly concerned for the safety of her Deimos.

CHRYSIS; (To guard/Urgent)

Go, go and save him before the lion kills him you fool, he’s defenceless!

We hear a long, loud roar. Chrysis stops talking as she notices the lioness has finished with her sons remains and is now approaching Deimos, who is still on his knees with his head hung and eyes covered and closed, like he doesn’t seem to care anymore.

CHRYSIS; (Concerned/Whispers)


We cut to a tight shot of Deimos, who is on his knees, sobbing for his friend. We hear a slight growl and Deimos lowers his hands, opens his eyes and looks up to see the approaching lioness. He stares at it as the face of Deimos slowly turns from sadness to extreme, extreme rage, still with tears in his eyes. The lioness stops approaching him and it gets ready to pounce on Deimos. Deimos notices the sword on the floor that Warlos had discarded. There is a tense stand-off for a moment, then Deimos lets out a loud, warriors roar as the lioness roars back. The screen fades to black as the lioness pounces and Deimos lunges.


We see Chrysis standing at an indoor alter, making an offering, with her head hung low, clearly in mourning. It’s night outside, still raining and after a long, few, tense moments, in stumbles Deimos! Deimos is holding the sword that Warlos discarded and is now covered in blood and he looks shocked, upset, wet and tired as he falls to his knees, dropping the sword, inconsolable. Chrysis hears him and smiles to herself, but does not turn around. After a few moments…

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DEIMOS; (Upset/Quiet)

He’s dead… Warlos, he’s dead…

Deimos looks up at Chrysis, still with tears in his eyes, but she doesn’t turn and face him and just continues what she was doing.


I know he is child, I heard the screaming.

DEIMOS; (Upset/Lost)

I tried to get to him, I really did, but it was too late, just too late…


I know child, I saw, you did what you could for him.

DEIMOS; (Upset/Angry/Lost)

It was my sword, I knew I should never have taken it off, I knew it… Maybe I could have gotten to him sooner, maybe if my sword wasn’t stuck. I should have been by his side. I knew, I knew I shouldn’t have taken it off, I should never take it off, I should never take my sword off! My sword is my family, my sword is my family!!

Chrysis angrily turns to face Deimos, then approaches him.

CHRYSIS; (Angry/Shouts)

No! We are your family Deimos, WE ARE! The cult! And don’t you ever forget that you ungrateful, little child!

Chrysis and Deimos stare at each other for a moment as two cult guards walk in and stand either side of Deimos, watching him so he can’t attack Chrysis.

DEIMOS; (Upset/Confused/Angry)

You, you don’t seem to even care about…

CHRYSIS; (Interrupts angrily)

Watch your tongue young man or I’ll have you cut it out! Remember who it is you are talking to!

There is a moment of silence.

CHRYSIS; (Continues, calmer)

A stray lion kills Warlos, then I saw you kill the lion, it’s a tragedy child, a real tragedy. So I’m dealing with it the only way I know how, by making an offering. Does this seem like I don’t care to you, child?

Deimos thinks for a moment, then concludes that she does care and hangs his head in shame about what he had just said. Chrysis leans over to get closer to the face of Deimos.

CHRYSIS; (Softly)

You see child, even in the world of beasts, a family protects its young, and that’s all that lion was doing, it’s a real tragedy, you really shouldn’t have killed it…

Deimos looks up, confused, shocked and in disbelief.

CHRYSIS; (Angry)

What, you didn’t think this offering was for Warlos did you?

The cult guards grab and hold Deimos as Chrysis gets in his face. Deimos has seemingly given up, looking on in disbelief through his teary eyes.

CHRYSIS; (Angry)

He was a pathetic child, always weak, weak! What do you think you were doing when you saw that lion, you should have run away from it, not towards it, you were unarmed, you were unprotected, you could have been killed!!! Just to save a sad, weak, man who didn’t deserve saving…

Chrysis waits for a reaction from Deimos, but Deimos doesn’t react at all, and after a moment he just hangs his head, giving up. Chrysis smiles and starts to play with the hair of Deimos, twisting it playfully.


But you Deimos, you, you will be strong, you will make the cult stronger! The cult was very displeased with Warlos, but they were very impressed with you, like I knew they would be, in fact, this couldn’t have gone better, you surpassed even my expectations, aside from the attempted corruption by Warlos, of course… (Stops playing with hair and starts stroking his face) To do those trials virtually single handed, in the amount of time you did, and with such a dead weight to carry, it just made it even more impressive, a thing of real beauty, and they all witnessed it, your potential, they cannot deny it now (Stops stroking face)… I sense you will make me very proud one day my child, and when I’m finally through with you, I give you my word, that you will despise Warlos, despise Warlos for his malakas weakness, just as much I as I do, as I, did…

Chrysis stands sharply and turns her back on a lost, unresponsive Deimos.


The pain you feel now, remember it, and remember it well Deimos, remember the burn of it, the emotion, the compromise, you don’t want to feel this way again, do you? It’s weakness Deimos, just weakness, so, this is my promise to you child. I will take all this pain away from you, I will teach you to never feel this kind of pain again, I will protect you from it, we, the cult will protect you from it. You simply just won’t care anymore child, and the world will be better for you that way, better, that I can promise…

Chrysis then gestures towards the guards.


Now, take him away, full punishment, I’m sure he knows deep down what the punishment is for.

The cult guards pull Deimos to his feet and have to drag Deimos, as he can’t walk now and has seemingly given up, out of the doorway as the screen fades to black and we can hear Chrysis speaking as she goes back to what she was doing.


We see and hear all Deimos, you will learn, painfully, if need, but, you will learn. It’s for your own good, child, it’s for your own good…

From here onwards, the game is playable, like it would normally play. The first chapter is an introduction, like an extended version of the playable Leonidas introduction. Words appear on screen before Chapter 2, “Years later”.

CHAPTER 2: The Scar of Xenia;

Fast forward to an older Deimos, close to the age that we all know him, who is now nearly completely brainwashed by the cult. Deimos has been tasked by the cult to track down and then help a pirate, Xenia, an associate of a high ranking cult member. Unfortunately and unknowingly for the cult, Deimos still harbours secret Mater issues and longs for a real Mater deep down, partly influenced by his former friend Warlos, who also had Mater issues and the same longing for his Mater, but mostly as when he sleeps, he has dreams of his Mater all the time and has done for as long as he can remember. Deimos, unknowing that Xenia once knew his mother, quickly learns that this isn’t going to be as easy and straight forward as he thinks, as he is thrown into turmoil and ends up questioning where his loyalties actually lay.

CHAPTER 3: The Naxos Conundrum;

After successfully helping Xenia and her pirates, Deimos decides to go and try to find this mysterious and powerful woman that he has recently heard stories of, the Phoenix, a woman that he thinks might be currently on the island of Naxos, as she reminds him of the woman he has been dreaming of his whole life, his Mater. Deimos makes up an excuse, so the cult don’t know his true intentions-and with the help of his new friend Gotarzes, who is the brother of Xenia and a captain of a ship, they set sail for Naxos. But Xenia has notice that Deimos is questioning his loyalties and feels loyalty bound herself to report it to her cult friend, Aspasia. Will Deimos make it to Naxos with his new, ill-fated, accident prone, jinx of a friend captaining the ship or will Aspasia manage to stop them and use her legendary manipulation and hetaerae charm to steer Deimos back on course again, the course of the cult?

Part 2=


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