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Fan Fiction-Deimos DLC Story-Part 2 of 2

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AC Odyssey-Deimos: Nobody is Born Evil-Part 2

CHAPTER 4: The Birth of Deimos;

With Aspasias success at stopping Deimos getting to Naxos, with a little help from Gotarzes and his blunder to sail in the wrong direction, Deimos is now heading to Melos, as ordered by Aspasia and the cult. Deimos has a soft spot for Aspasia (And is a little jealous of Perikles) and can’t seem to help being influenced by her. Because of Gotarzes constant blunders as captain, he has handed control of his ship over to his commander, Deimos, but he remains onboard as captain and friend of Deimos. When they arrive at Melos, they meet an associate of the cult, Terastios, who tells them he is running a new challenge on Melos, called the Battle of One Hundred Hands, for the first time and he needs the help of Deimos.

Terastios sends Deimos on many missions that will help him set up the challenge, during which Deimos learns that this might not really be the first challenge of the Battle of One Hundred Hands at all and that he might be being lied to, but before Deimos can question what is going on, Terastios manages to drug Deimos and he falls asleep. When he wakes, Deimos finds himself inside the Battle of One Hundred Hands course, with all the other combatants and he is being forced to compete. Deimos, with guards all over the walls feels he has no choice, as the battle begins and the other combatants start to attack each other and Deimos. During the battle, Deimos finds that the brother of Roxana, Adelfos, is also in the battle and, since they know each other and are old friends, Deimos and Adelfos team up against the other combatants, whom have also teamed up in various groups.

At the end of the battle, Deimos and Adelfos are the only two combatants left alive, but there is a catch, Terastios informs them that only one can win and the other has to die. Deimos tries to convince Adelfos to turn on Terastios and his guards with him, but Adelfos is too tempted by the prize money and the glory and he forces Deimos to fight. Near the end of the battle, Deimos, realising his opponent and friend is too damaged to fight on, makes one last plea to him to stop fighting by extending out both arms to him, palms upwards and laying his sword across his hands, as if he is offering it to him, to indicate he does not want to fight on and Deimos also hangs his head. Adelfos stops trying to fight Deimos and is shocked and surprised by the gesture of Deimos, touched even, and he thinks about it for a moment, clearly considering what Deimos is suggesting, but after a few moments, he apologises to Deimos, saying that he has no choice, then he goes to attack a defenceless Deimos with his sword. But Deimos avoids the attack, which sends Adelfos off balance and he starts falling towards the lava that is close by. Seeing this Deimos tries to save him, but it’s too late and he watches as his friend falls into the lava and burns to death right in front of him, screaming in pain, until the moment he is silenced by death.

Deimos is furious and he blames Terastios for forcing them to fight, and for the death of his friend and he immediately kills all the guards in a bloody rage, but Terastios has disappeared. Deimos angrily goes searching for Terastios, only to find out from Gotarzes that Terastios has just left the island and, as Terastios fled in his ship, he also attack their docked ship and killed some of the crew in doing so, but the ship is fine as the remaining crew are repairing it. Deimos, consumed by anger, which has been added too by this cowardly act, wants revenge and answers as to why a cult associate would do this, so he goes and finds a conveniently nearby Chrysis. Chrysis tells Deimos that Terastios is the current champion of the cult, who is uncontrollable and who saw Deimos as a possible threat to his position, so that’s probably why he tried to kill Deimos. Chrysis says all this in a way that would also stroke the ego of Deimos. Chrysis also hammers home to Deimos that there are no such things as friends in the world and Adelfos, a supposed friend of Deimos, just proved that point.

This adds fuel to the rage already burning deep inside of Deimos as Chrysis then tells Deimos the location of Terastios, the Pephka Arena and explains that Terastios is the current champion there. She then gives Deimos her and the cults permission to go and get revenge and at the same time, become a legend and the champion of the cult and to make her proud of him!

After Deimos leaves, Drakios arrives and speaks with Chrysis. Chrysis thanks him for allowing Terastios to pretend to be the organiser of the battle and instructs him to resume the Battle of One Hundred Hands competitions as normal again. Drakios asks Chrysis why she needed to do all this and Chrysis explains that she had to set all of this up, Terastios, Adelfos participation, keeping Adelfos alive by telling everyone else they are not to kill him, so that Deimos and Adelfos would meet in the last fight. She also explains that she made Adelfos’s family poor and in need of the winnings and desperate too, so, guaranteeing Adelfos would fight and have to betray Deimos, and that she even ordered the ship attack, all so it would help teach Deimos a few necessary lessons, to focus him and to help him realise what he is capable of and how special he really is, the potential he has and the power he possesses! She then explains that Terastios is in no way associated with the cult either and was just hired arena muscle, which is soon to be sacrificed in her planned next and final step to unlock the full potential and the dark side of Deimos.

CHAPTER 5: I Just Want Blood (Heroes no More);

Deimos sails to Messara to meet a cult member, named Swordfish, who is supposed to help him, but when he gets there Swordfish is nowhere to be seen. Deimos eventually tracks down some men that work for Swordfish, but they attack him, so Deimos is forced to kill them all. Deimos then learns that Swordfish is very paranoid and is scared of him after hearing what he did at the Battle of One Hundred Hands and how many Deimos is rumoured to have killed during the battle, so he is in hiding and he has ordered his men to attack Deimos if Deimos comes looking for him. Deimos, upset now that two people so close to the cult have betrayed him badly recently, starts to believe that he could run the cult better than it’s currently being run, but he doesn’t act on that thought yet. Instead, he decides to find this arena without the help of Swordfish, so that he can get his revenge, but now also so that he can become the “cults champion” as he is starting to like the fear and the new found respect he commands and now believes he needs a bigger role in how the cult functions, because of the betrayals, and he should get that role if he becomes the “cults champion”.

When Deimos finds the arena, he is told it has many proud, long reigning champions, true arena heroes, but to get to Terastios, he is going to have to go through them all, as demanded by Terastios, the arena champion himself, which has never, ever been done before. Deimos, starting to realise his abilities, is fine with this and is attracted to the challenge, actually even welcomes the challenge as it’ll give him a chance to feed his new found ego and to test his skills, at first, until he is forced by fate to get to know some of the arena heroes, whom seem like nice people, especially one of them. So, with the walls of the arena shaking and destiny hanging in the balance, will Deimos really spill the blood of all those arena heroes, just to get revenge and become the “cults champion”, or will he change his mind and do what he knows to be the right thing deep down and walk away, as Deimos currently has respect for all warriors. Or will something or someone force his decision instead?

CHAPTER 6: Be Careful What You Wish For;

The planning by Chrysis has seemed to have worked out nicely for her. Deimos, manipulated by Chrysis, kills all the heroes of the arena, except one, who retired from fighting just due to the participation of Deimos. So now Chrysis believes that it has all gone to plan, Deimos has done terrible things, recognises his own strength and power and has passed the point of no return, fully now under the cults influence and there is no going back, or so she thinks. In reality though, she has created a MONSTER!

What Chrysis doesn’t know is that after the arena battles, Deimos met a little girl waiting outside the arena who he just thought was a fan of the new arena champion and just wanted to meet him, but he finds out the little girl was also waiting for her mother and father, who work at the arena as fighters! The little girl didn’t realise Deimos had killed them, she thought he just killed the arena champion only and her mother and father don’t fight in his fights, so she didn’t know they were dead, until Deimos tells her, which instantly broke something inside of Deimos and made a part of him burn away and die forever, Alexios.

Deimos, struggling with what he has done is also angry, very, very angry! He can’t understand why a mother and a father would willingly risk their lives when they have a child relying on them, trusting them, it was their responsibility to keep themselves alive so they can be there for their child and he knows the area has plenty of other jobs available, so he is also angry at her parents, in fact he is now tired of parents, hates the thought of them, which would all be a good thing for Chrysis, except he has grown to hate the cult too!

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Chrysis and cults manipulation has back fired. Deimos feels betrayed by someone associated with the cult, Xenia, for warning the cult when he was trying to go to Naxos, he feels betrayed by two, high ranking cult members, Terastios and Swordfish, for what they had done, they even tried to kill him, so ultimately, he feels betrayed by the cult. He also hates what the cult had recently made him do to true warriors, to his friend and to a girls mother and father. Deimos has nearly become an empty shell, he’s learnt that you can’t trust your friends, you can’t trust families, you can’t trust the cult and the only thing he could trust is the one thing that has never let him down, his sword.

Deimos now feels lost and alone. He has so many thoughts and feelings, but nobody to tell them to, to talk to, as he believes nobody really cares deep down, people, they just fake it and are liars, something that Deimos now hates, people who he believes are fake, liars, that pretend to care as he believes nobody could ever care for him anymore, why would they, especially now after what he has done. Deimos is also filled with anger and rage, lots and lots of rage and he’s just been left with it, but has nobody to kill, nothing to take the rage out on, he hates the cult now and, with his new found realisation of his power, his ability in combat due to being the battle champion and the arena champion, Deimos has grown confident and believes if he decided to leave the cult right now, nobody in the cult could or would stop him, he knows his own power now and knows the cult would never dare challenge it, so that is his plan now, to leave the cult. Deimos is left feeling directionless, he just wants to get away from it all, everything!

So when Chrysis approaches Deimos at the dock after the arena fights and expects to see a cold blooded, empty shell of a man, that’s exactly what she gets, but she soon realises this, this isn’t what she really wanted as Deimos coldly tells her that he is leaving the cult. Chrysis then quickly learns that her words now have no effect on Deimos, he no longer cares for Chrysis or the cult like he used to, he has no respect for either anymore and this is compounded when she orders her cult guards to try and stop Deimos, so she could talk to him further and Deimos just kills them mercilessly and with a smile on his face. As Deimos walks away, Chrysis tries to plea with him one last time, by telling him that she is finally proud of him, which stops Deimos in his tracks, knowing how much it means for her to say that she is proud of someone. But after a moment, Deimos dismisses what she said as if it doesn’t matter to him anymore and he coldly walks away.

Back onboard his ship, Gotarzes notices Deimos is angry and wants to cheer him up, so he points out a nearby pirate ship and recommends that a ship battle would probably cheer up Deimos and get rid of some of his anger, and Deimos agrees, so they close in on the pirate ship. Filled with rage, just as Deimos is about to attack, he notices the ship isn’t hostile, in fact, the captain of the ship seems to be cheerfully waving at them. A confused Deimos then notices that Gotarzes is cheerfully waving back at them, so Deimos asks if he knows them and Gotarzes explains that it’s his friends ship. Deimos asks why Gotarzes suggested attacking the ship then, and Gotarzes explains it’s to cheer Deimos up, as he likes Deimos better than he does them, also, they probably wouldn’t mind as the captain is a friend, a nice guy and can swim, he thinks.

Deimos tells Gotarzes that he isn’t attacking his friends ship and Gotarzes points out that Deimos wouldn’t make a good pirate. Gotarzes then tells Deimos that some Persians are in the area that Xenia doesn’t like-and they are disguised as pirates and are using ships that look like the pirates ships, so they can move around unnoticed and they might be a better target, also, Gotarzes thinks they might be up to something too. Deimos likes the idea of this new target and agrees. So they go off and destroy some Persian ships and clear some Persian camps and whilst doing so, they learn that a rogue group of these Persians have infiltrated Keos, disguised as pirates and intend to kill Gotarzes sister Xenia, then take over her leadership of the pirates themselves, whilst keeping up the lie that they are pirates, not Persians, so they can trick the pirates into doing what the Persians want afterwards.

Gotarzes panics and wants them to go and save his sister, but Deimos is reluctant at first due to her small betrayal to him, but after seeing what it means to Gotarzes, after a moment of thought, they sail for Keos. On the way, whilst speaking with Gotarzes, Deimos notices the genuine worry Gotarzes has for his sister, which makes Deimos think that maybe some people do genuinely care about others. Approaching the island it’s clear that the Persian coup is underway, as a Persian ship is patrolling the waters. After destroying the ship, they dock and there are many bandits, but they are clearly Persians in disguise as they attack. After fighting their way to the temple, Deimos and Gotarzes find the Persian coup leader and some of his guards fighting with Xenia, so they join the fight.

At the end of the fight, Deimos, Gotarzes and Xenia are left standing, everyone else is dead, or so they thought. Then a Persian brute comes out of the bushes and goes to attack Xenia, but as he does Gotarzes pushes his sister out of the way of the attack and gets hit it the head with a heavy blunt, knocking him out, which gives Deimos a quick flash back of when he saved his friend from the boars. But whilst Deimos is in a daydream, thinking of that moment, the brute goes to strike Deimos and Deimos, still in his daydream, doesn’t notice, but luckily Xenia does and she kills the brute before he gets to Deimos.

Deimos and Xenia wait outside the temple whilst a doctor is looking after Gotarzes inside the temple and Deimos thanks Xenia for killing the brute. As they sit together and talk, Xenia expresses her worry for her brother and how one day she would like him and her to retire safely in Athens and about how much her family means to her. All this is clearly affecting Deimos and is making him think hard as he feels touched by the relationship they have. Xenia, then asks Deimos about his family and Deimos explains he has no family, the closest people to family for him were the cult, but they betrayed him, then briefly explains how he was betrayed.

Xenia apologies for warning Aspasia before and points out that it seems Aspasia hasn’t done anything wrong to him and actually seems to care about him and Deimos realises this and agrees. Xenia then also points out that she runs and organises pirates who, might not get on from time to time, some might hate each other even, but the pirates are stronger as a group and can get much more done as a group, things that they couldn’t do alone, like what she has done on Keos with them, even the Persians knew the strength of a group and that’s why they just tried to take control of it, to lead it. Deimos looks around with his head and sees some pirates talking and laughing together nearby, also some pirates verbally arguing with each other, then more that are drinking together, then he tells Xenia that she is a good leader and it’s important to have a good leader as he realises himself that the cult just needs good leadership, that’s all and he starts to think that maybe the cult can be fixed.

Gotarzes then bursts out of the temple, followed by the doctor and they are arguing. Gotarzes insists he is fine but the doctor is worried there maybe side effects, as he was hit on the head and the doctor would like him to just rest for a week or two. But Gotarzes doesn’t want to and he asks Deimos to kill the doctor as he couldn’t do it himself, as you shouldn’t kill people who help you, but Deimos refuses and instead suggests they sail to see Aspasia and he’ll watch Gotarzes, make sure he is okay and that he doesn’t overdo it and the doctor agrees, as it’s better than Deimos killing him. Xenia tells Deimos that she thinks he is doing the right thing and agrees not to inform Aspasia this time, in fact, she’ll just forget he was even there as she shakes hands with Deimos, thanking him for his help. Deimos and Gotarzes then leave and sail for Athens.

CHAPTER 7: Finale: The End of the Beginning;

Whilst sailing to Athens, Deimos, full of newfound hope and direction, tries to explain his plan to Gotarzes, which is, to meet with Aspasia and work with her to lead the cult together. Maybe not straight away, but eventually, an equal leadership of the cult, him and Aspasia and they’ll repair the cult together. He then continues to explain that, if something were to happen to Perikles, he also hopes that maybe one day, he and Aspasia might be able to get into a romantic relationship together too, as she does seem to care about him and she does seem attracted to him. But Gotarzes isn’t right in the head, he seems even more stupid now than he was before, kind of childish too, he also seems to be forgetting parts of the conversation as well, so Deimos gives up on the explaining.

They get to Athens and Deimos sneaks into the residence of Perikles and surprises Aspasia, who is in a room on her own. Deimos sets out his terms with authority, he wants a higher role in the cult and to eventually lead the cult alongside her or he’ll leave the cult for good. Aspasia, knowing Deimos is a powerful weapon for the cult also realises that, if Deimos was to leave the cult and become allies with a cult enemy, then he could turn into a powerful weapon against the cult too and she can’t risk that from happening, so she agrees to the terms of Deimos. But there is a catch.

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Now that she has done something for him, he must now do something for her. She explains she needs him to help someone for her. This someone he is to help, is a person that the cult are considering making a cult member, as he controls an island that they don’t have control over yet, the small island of Kephallonia-and the person, the Cyclops. Deimos agrees.

As Deimos leaves, Aspasia lets him know that she is touched that he chose her as the person to contact from the cult, to trust, and that she also thought his entrance and the way he snuck into her home and surprised her was quite romantic, in a way. Deimos smiles and she tells him this; “You, I see you, you have greatness inside, potential. You are driven like nobody else I’ve ever seen, powerful like nobody else, the respect you command, your very presence, you stir emotions in me that I have never felt and never thought possible, you are truly, truly unique, one of a kind, special”. She kisses Deimos on the head and leaves.

Deimos meets Cyclops who treats Deimos with a lot of respect and fear, recognising Deimos as a high ranking cult member and Deimos likes this respect. Cyclops tells Deimos that he left Kephallonia to do a deal, went to go back, but found out someone there is pretending to be him and his own bandits even believe the imposter is Cyclops, so when the imposter ordered the bandits to attack the real Cyclops, they did, as they are stupid and it forced Cyclops to leave. So he needs Deimos to go to Kephallonia and deal with his imposter, so Cyclops can return and take control of his stupid bandits again. He then tells Deimos to meet an associate of his and the cults on the island, a person named Krethos, who should be able to help him find this imposter.

Deimos sails for Kephallonia and meets with Krethos, who informs Deimos that there are actually three Cyclops imposters, all spread out over the island and they are three brothers, all have one eye and all look like the Cyclops. Deimos laughs believing it to be a joke but Krethos respectfully tells him it’s true and they are doing it this way to install fear, as in, the Cyclops is everywhere at once and sees everything and it seems to be working, also, the bandits are really stupid! Krethos then laughs and says it’s funny that people would actually believe that a man with one eye can actually see everything, then points out that a man with one eye wouldn’t notice valuable salvage, even if it was right in front of them, but Deimos is not amused and just goes in search of these imposters.

After following some leads, Deimos eventually tracks down and kills all three imposters, so Cyclops can return home, and he sails back to Athens, victorious. During that time though, it has become obvious that Gotarzes has been affected by his knock to the head and as they dock in Athens and Deimos leaves the ship, Gotarzes instantly forgets the existence of Deimos and takes control of the ship again and tells his crew to set sail, unknowingly leaving behind Deimos. By the time Deimos notices the ship leaving, it’s too late to do anything about it as it’s too far away. Deimos realises Gotarzes has been forgetting things recently and that he may have just forgot Deimos, so he understands and continues his journey.

Aspasia has arranged to meet Deimos secretly in Athens, but, as Aspasia seemed to find it romantic that Deimos surprised her before, he thinks it might be a better, more romantic idea to do it again, so he picks some nearby flowers, which he intends to give to Aspasia, then sneaks into the residence of Perikles, to surprise Aspasia. Deimos finds Aspasia in a room, but she is with Perikles. Perikles looks like he is about to leave to go somewhere though, so Deimos hides behind a wall to wait. As Perikles goes to leave, Aspasia says to him “You, I see you, you have greatness inside, potential. You are driven like nobody else I’ve ever seen, powerful like nobody else, the respect you command, your very presence, you stir emotions in me that I have never felt and never thought possible, you are truly, truly unique, one of a kind, special and always remember that”, then she kisses Perikles on the head and he leaves. Deimos’s heart sinks as it’s virtually the same thing she said to him not long ago! Deimos looks at the flowers, then drops them and walks away.

Outside, in the streets, Deimos looks angry as he kicks some vases and crates out of frustration. He stops for a moment and shouts in anger “How can I be so stupid, so weak!”, he kicks something, then continues shouting to himself, “Everyone lies, manipulates, is anything true anymore, malakas! Xenia, Gotarzes, was that all a lie too, was it a lie, was it all just a malakas set up (Angrily growls). I can’t trust anyone, LIARS, LIARS!”. Deimos again starts to smash up some items on the street. Some nearby Athenian guards see this and shout at Deimos, asking what he thinks he is doing, but Deimos stops and gives them a stern look which scares them, stopping them mid sentence as they back away from Deimos.

Deimos then hears someone else shouting, which draws his attention and anger as he believes he is being shouted at again, but the person shouting isn’t shouting at him, it’s a nearby man who seems to just have been dumped by his girlfriend and he is upset, drunk and shouting about it. The man is then joined by another man who is following close by, Sokrates, who is also drinking too. Deimos can hear them speaking and he watches out of interest due to the similarities with the situation Deimos is in.

The man is upset and shouting that he has lost her. Sokrates tells the man that he hasn’t lost her as she is still alive. The man says back that he means she has left him for another man, so he HAS lost her. Sokrates explains that to lose something, you first must have owned it and with the man being a slave himself, Sokrates asks if he’d really be happy if he owned this woman. The man thinks about it and shakes his head. The man then weeps, saying that he is unhappy as a slave and doesn’t want her to feel like him. Then the man says no wonder she left him, he’s a slave who works on a farm and the other man is the leader of a whole island.

Sokrates tells him that leaders lead and try and bring order to the world, farmers farm and try and bring their goods to the world, some would argue that the leaders job is more important than that of the farmers, but a leader, who has no food, cannot lead the same way as a farmer, without safe land, cannot farm, so both jobs are equally important. He continues by saying that society is built on trust and that’s the most important thing, the trust and without that trust, society couldn’t function, humanity couldn’t function as it currently does. The leader has to trust that the farmer will keep him fed and the farmer must trust that the leader will keep him safe. So it’s the trust that creates society, which in turn creates an illusion of a hierarchy, an order of things, that one job is more important than another, but it is just an illusion as in reality, both jobs are equally as important to the function of that society and it’s the trust that’s the important thing, which then makes him question why politicians try and break that trust by lying sometimes, but he thinks the question is better suited for another time.

The man burps, then asks if Sokrates is trying to say that being a farmer, a slave farmer, is just as important as being a leader of an island and Sokrates nods and the man laughs. He tells Sokrates that he’s a funny guy and he’d rather be a leader of an island than some malakas farmer as he hates farming. So Sokrates tells him to try and become a leader of an island then, which makes the man laugh, then he stops laughing and asks if Sokrates really thinks he could do it and Sokrates shrugs his shoulders and asks him why not. The man thinks about it as Sokrates advises him to forget about things that he cannot control, like the woman and concentrate on what he can control instead, as there must be things that make him feel good and feel alive other than the woman and he should find those things and pursue them, then to carve out and create his own destiny, then he asks him to tell him what makes him feel alive other than the woman and what does he want his destiny to be.

The man thinks about, then replies that he wants to be the leader of an island and get his woman back, then burps and falls over drunk. Sokrates shakes his head and says he’ll get him home now, then picks him up and they both walk off together, with Sokrates holding him upright whilst the man sobs about how much he misses the woman as they walk away.

Deimos, witnessing all this ironically chuckles to himself, then quietly speaks to himself, “A leader and a farmer aren’t the same, a leader IS better, there’s respect, they can make a difference. So, how wise are you, old, man… (Chuckles) Oh, what I want in life, what makes me feel alive? I’ll tell you, I’m always angry, angry all the time, so getting rid of the anger, how about that, I like doing that, I like getting rid of it. So killing old man, killing is the answer, the release of malakas anger, how about that? And trust (Chuckles), you’re right about that, it is the most important thing, you’re right, but what happens when you can’t trust, when you won’t trust anymore, what then smart man, intelligent man?”. Deimos thinks for a moment, then continues to quietly speak to himself again, “So I should concentrate on what I can control then should I, well, I can force the cult to be trustworthy, if that’s what you’re saying, force them-and who could stop me? And those I can’t trust or that get in my way, I’ll just simply fucking kill them, is that what you’re telling me to do? It would help get rid of my anger, I suppose (Chuckles). You know what, I like this idea, I really, really do like this idea… It’s been nice talking with you. I think I know what I must do now, I think I know my destiny… Thank you, wise, old, man.”.

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We focus on a close up of the face of Deimos as he nods slowly, then his face turns a look of determination, as he looks up and stares directly into the camera and smiles. This is the moment that tells us the Deimos, as we know him, has finally arrived!

Deimos goes to meet Aspasia at the secret meeting place, as originally arranged. When Deimos arrives, he finds Aspasia waiting for him, with her back to him. Deimos confidently leans against a pillar, crosses his arms and whistles, which startles Aspasia. “Deimos, you’re late”, she says as Deimos walks towards her in silence, then walks in a circle around her, slowly, clearly making Aspasia nervous as he does. He then stops in front of Aspasia and looks at her, as if he is considering something, like he knows something she doesn’t, whilst looking at her up and down, slowly.

Aspasia, doing well to hold her nerve, asks if Deimos was successful and Deimos replies that he was. Aspasia replies, “Good”, just as Deimos turns away from her and interrupts-and starts to walk slowly around Aspasia, explaining, “BUT now, I have a new mission. The cult, as it is, is untrustworthy, weak, and, when you combine that with the cults everything is permitted attitude, it just means nothing is true in reality, as it can’t be trusted. Without trust you cannot tell what is true and what isn’t, trust is the key thing, the only thing. Without trust we have nothing to build on, no foundation, therefore can’t rely on each other, can’t rely on the group.”. Aspasia goes to interrupt, but she stops as Deimos continues, “So, I intend to run the cult, lead the cult, by myself, for now and install trust within the cult again. I will demand it.”.

Aspasia gets courage now as the cult is hers to lead and interrupts Deimos, saying “No Deimos, no, I will not just hand over leadership of the cult to you, nor anybody else!”. Deimos stops walking and gives her a stern look for a moment, then smiles at her and acts cool again as he continues slowly walking in circles around Aspasia and explains, “I’m doing this to protect you Aspasia, it’s for you and for the good of the cult. I mean, do you agree that right now, the cult members can’t fully be trusted? Do you agree that the cult is fractured right now because of that lack of trust, all pulling in different directions? Trust, we need trust to function, as how are we expected to bring order to the world, when we haven’t even got order within the cult? Do you agree on those things, Aspasia?”. Deimos stops walking as Aspasia thinks, then replies with a confused expression “I understand what you are saying Deimos, but how would making you our leader protect me and how do you intend to ensure this trust?”.

Deimos then resumes waking slowly in circles around Aspasia, explaining, “If you were to try and force the members to be trustworthy, one or more of them may try and kill you, there is no doubt in that. But, if I’m the leader, if I’m the one to install, force-order, well, they won’t even dare try and stop me, to kill me, not when they get to know me better anyway, they wouldn’t be so stupid.”. Aspasia asks, “Okay, then what about the trust?” and Deimos explains “Oh, they won’t lie to me, they can’t lie to me, not with the artefact.”. Aspasia has a look of realisation wash across her face as she says, “The artefact, the pyramid!”. Deimos stops walking and faces her, “With my blood gift, I will weed out all those we cannot trust, Aspasia, the artefact will weed out all those we cannot trust! Then, I’ll kill them… For the cult, Aspasia, for you, Aspasia… Then, when that’s all done, when the cult can be fully trusted once again, we can share leadership of the cult together, and we’ll have something firm to build on, something strong, something real, a foundation… We will make the cult unstoppable, together. With trust, and with me and you guiding it, all pulling in the same direction, all with the same goals, we will be unstoppable, Aspasia…”. Deimos smiles at her.

Aspasia thinks about it for a moment, then agrees that it is the best thing to do as the cult could do with a clean up. Deimos then says to her “You, I see you, Aspasia (Strokes her face with his hand, then stops touching her face). Call a meeting at the temple, time to see who is trustworthy…”, Deimos turns and walks away saying “And who is not…”. Aspasia, a little bemused, watches him walk away as the screen fades to black.

The title comes up, “AC Odyssey-Deimos: Nobody is Born Evil”, then it fades out.


We see Aspasia in a cave and a person walks in, who we cannot see yet. Aspasia has her back to the person.


You wanted to see me?


Yes, Deimos wants all the cult members to meet in the temple. Arrange it.


Of course. May I ask why? It isn’t often that we all meet.


Deimos thinks the cult is untrustworthy, fractured, as it is, and I agree, so we’re going to use the pyramid to fix the cult.


I heard, we all heard what Deimos did in the battle, did in the arena, but still… Does this mean the rumours are true, does this mean Deimos now leads the cult?

Aspasia takes a flower out of her dress pocket, holds it up and makes the flower spin by rolling the stem between her fingers, it is one of the flowers Deimos picked and then dropped in her house. She vacantly watches the flower spin as she does it.


No, something tells me I’ve lost my control over this one now (Silence for a moment). No, we’ll let him think he’s in charge, let him think he is our leader, for now. Then, then just use him, use him to clean up the cult, he was right about that. We’ll use him for now, to fight our battles for us, straighten out the cult and to be our weapon and then, then when the time is right… (Stops spinning the flower) We’ll replace him, as, he isn’t as unique as he thinks… Is he?

Aspasia lets go of the flower and it falls to the floor as Aspasia turns her back on it and walks out of the cave.


Time to find the sister that you’ve been telling me about, find her now, Elpenor.

We see the person step forward, into the light and it is Elpenor and he smiles as Aspasia walks out of the cave in the background.


Don’t worry, I already have leads, you know you can trust me, Aspasia. I’ll get her for you, don’t you worry, I, will, get, her…

The screen fades to black.

THE END? (This story could have a part two, which could follow Deimos as the events of the true main story unfold, for example, Deimos finding Elpenor dead, meeting his sister, etc, right to the end of the true main story of the game).

Part 1=


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