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Content of the article: "“Finale” questions (MAJOR ENDGAME SPOILERS WITHIN)"

OK, so I "completed" the game last night. By that I mean, I have taken over every county on the alliance map, and taken down every order member. I…have some questions. I felt I had missed something pretty big, so I looked up some articles that spoke of the ending(s) at length.

Obviously, there will be PRETTY MAJOR SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT. So, if you haven't completed it already, be warned.

I found this Eurogamer article that seemed to go pretty in-depth with what transpired. There's a lot to unpack here. Let's break it down below:

  • When Basim leaves the simulation, he is the reincarnation of Loki. What..? How…did I simply miss when this was explained at all? As far as I was concerned, when he made his way into the modern-day story and I hopped back in the Animus as him, I was expecting these events to be further explored. They were not. The article states that this is somewhat obvious, given their similar look. But, since they both play relatively minor roles in the game as a whole, and the fact that the order you play both the main quest and the Asgard side stuff is up to you, there were literal hours/days between seeing them at many parts. I never made the connection in the slightest.
  • Apparently, there are lots of callbacks/past characters/Isu represented in Asgard. Other than lightman being Desmond (his voice is massively distinctive), I missed every single one of these. To be fair, some of these callbacks are a decade-old. I can't have been the only one.
  • How did Layla make it all the way to Norway while her mates are in the US? How did Basim then make the same journey and know exactly where they were? Presumably, Eivor's death will happen in the US in some DLC? Or did I miss a quest that sent them there once everything was done?
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The story and callbacks and tying it all together is a really clever idea. The modern games always seemed to be somewhat disjointed from the original games' plot. But, I feel this could have been handled in a much better way at the end, as most of it completely passed me by. Does anyone else feel the same? Or, have I missed key parts of the plot and need to go back and continue 'finishing' it?


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