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Finally got around to Origins and I like it more than Odyssey

I sunk dozens and dozens of hours into AC Odyssey but I recently decided to play Origins and they don't feel at all alike.

Here's a list of things I love about Origins and things that I feel it does better than Odyssey:

• Origins feels much more hand-crafted. All the different interesting places you can visit on the map feel distinct and the terrain and layout varies wildly from zone to zone. Sure, some parts out in the wilds can feel kind of samey, but the world as a whole just feels less copy paste then Odyssey did for me. And the way areas of maps are laid out with the stretches of crops, little drinking areas, landscaping… It all just feels really well put together and like they took more time giving the world personality and depth through all the little details.

• This may upset some but I think this game, as a whole, looks better than Odyssey. The way the murky water looks, reflects, has bits of debris in it. The flocks of birds and flamingos that randomly fly overhead or get spooked out of the water as you come to a river crossing. The character models and animations. The detail you can see when looking out from any vantage point. This game just really looks so much better than Odyssey, to me.

• The story is much more gripping and engaging. Bayek's tale is pretty epic and you really do some really interesting things (snake fight, for instance) that Odyssey never came close to matching in it's main storyline. The story as a whole just feels and flows so much better than Odyssey, to me.

• Side quests feel more well thought out and unique than Odyssey. They feel very copy paste in Odyssey.

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• I like the simpler combat. I never quite got comfortable with combat in Odyssey, due to having to hold L1 (on PS4) to activate abilities, or press both shoulder buttons to parry, but you might have to dodge if the enemy is using adrenaline. Origins combat isn't much better but I definitely prefer it's simplicity over Odyssey.

• Crafting and hunting are amazing in Origins. I'm kind of bummed they didn't try to replicate this in Odyssey. It was such a nice diversion to hunt down different animals, and some of them were really fierce and fun to fight. Just the general presence of wildlife in Origins was very immersive and it's a shame they essentially dropped the hunting and crafting mechanic in Odyssey.

• I'm sort of torn on whether I like stealth better in Odyssey or Origins. Stealth can get kind of boring in Origins because you can instantly stealth kill any enemy that is at or below your level, but I also like that it's a one hit kill. I enjoyed how Odyssey added some depth by implementing critical assassinations and assination stats which don't always guarantee a kill on your target, but that is also frustrating to me at the same time when you think for sure you will finish someone off and your forced into combat and you didn't want to be. It would have been nice to have more options in stealth to create mayhem and take over outposts. Most of the time, the only really effective way to complete an outpost is stealth kill your way through. There's not a whole love of variety there in taking outposts.

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• I like that you're essentially balanced for all combat roles in Origins, as long as you keep your crafting up. I really didn't like that Odyssey sort of expects you to go a specific route of assassination, hunter, or warrior. I know that you can eventually unlock pretty much every ability at end-game, but the gear is the most important part of building your character. If you are specced for assassination, you will suck in combat, and suck with bow damage. This is made worse by the fact that the story forces you into some conquest battles which force you to play a warrior for that section. If you specced assassin, and don't have any warrior gear, those parts are just about impossible on harder difficulties.

• Gear management is so much simpler and nicer in Origins. Having to keep up with the metric ton of gear that Odyssey throws at you becomes tedious. Just having to focus on bows, weapon, and shield slots definitely cuts down on the tedium. I hope future games go back to this simpler inventory management.

• Skill tree is okay in Origins. I think Odyssey gave you more interesting stuff, but some of them are so OP that they turn the game into easy mode. I wish there were more things to unlock in Origins to take over outposts. Most of them require you to be in melee range to use. For instance, the berserker needle sounds neat but it's honestly just faster and easier to just kill the target. Same with the poison darts. They didn't feel very useful when I could just assassinate or straight up attack instead.

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• Sandstorms add a really nice touch to immersion and the environment. I don't remember much about the weather in Odyssey.

Anyways, really enjoying this game and wanted to give my feedback and see how others felt and if you agree or disagree.


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